Help from the immigration lawyers for gay and lesbian

When applying for the immigration to the United States through the citizenship, you should always have the principal applicant. In fact, this is the person who can fulfill the criteria of the specific immigration route that you have chosen. As the government of United States has recognized the same sex relationships and marriages, people who in this situation want to move there. So, the same sex couples get the eligibility to request for their fiancé or the spouses to attain the green cards or visas for entering into the United States. In order to give them the help, the lgbt immigration lawyers available. In this article, you are going to see the exclusive services of these immigration lawyers in clear.

Importance of immigration lawyers

Normally, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender immigrants face a lot of challenges by the reason of their gender identity and sexual orientation. When they move on to the different countries, they face so many ridiculous problems. To give help for such people, the immigration lawyers are available.

K1 visa is for the same sex people and it can allow your fiancé to enter into the United States for the purpose marrying the US citizen within 90 days of arrival. If they are married, then the green card should be submitted to the respective authority.

If you are a gay or the US lesbian citizen and you want to marry someone of the same gender, then you should have the eligibility to file the fiancé petition. Well, the lgbt immigration lawyers can help the same sex couples to attain the green cards and some other immigration benefits which come from the considerable experience with some other complex immigration matters.

If the gay or lesbian couples are in need of moving to the country for the employment purpose, they need to take different kinds of the visas like as follows.

  • Diversity immigrant visa applications
  • E1 and E2 visas
  • H4 visas
  • L2 visas

When you need the gay or lesbian visas, then it is better to find out the immigration lawyers through the internet pages.