Health Guide: How Does Sleep Affects Weight Loss?

‘Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together’ ― is the saying perfectly crafted by Thomas Dekker. It is very true that sleeping greatly affects the health of your body. So, it becomes essential to have a sleep of minimum 6 to 8 hours a day.

Assume that you are pursuing workouts and shifting to the fruitarian diet for weight loss, but still, you are unable to achieve the objective of losing your body weight. Ever wondered why? Sleep is the major hiccup that hinders your attempt. Simply because of your workload and considering other priorities as more significant than to take rest, you would definitely miss the boat. As enough relaxation is not provided to the body, you don’t have any energy to burn superfluous calories.

Consequences of lack of sleep

Sleep debt is similar to the financial debt. It might irk you in the long run. Also, it can result in grave sleeping disorders which are harmful to the health of your body.

The study shows that about 50-70 million US adults have been suffering from sleeping disorders that greatly impact the condition of their mental health, resulting in various psychological syndromes.

When you sleep, all the muscles are relaxed, the body is inactive and the brain is unconscious. At this golden time, the body is getting prepared to work efficiently for the next day. Especially, it matters a lot when a person is aiming to lose weight. The sleep-deprived person has lower energy as compared to others. Also, it is quite often noticed that people are inclined to reach for a cup of coffee or a packet of chips when they feel energy-less. At this stage, your attempt to shed the extra pound reverses and you land up gaining weight.

Wondering how? Have a sneak-peek into the best justification to catch some Zs.

Aids calorie burning

It might sound absurd, but yes this is true. Having a good sleep at night for sufficient hours calm down the muscles of your body and upsurges your metabolic rate. This bursting of the rate of metabolism makes it very obvious to burn the excessive calories and fat present in your body. Hence, it is a smooth and uncomplicated way to trigger your workout and shed those undesired pounds.

Enhances your focus

When you cut short on your sleeping hours, it becomes much more obvious that you won’t be able to focus on your work and end up making a wrongheaded judgment. This would shackle your personal and professional world as well.

When you sleep, brain functions in a different way and manages your behavior. Providing clarity to your mind, it facilitates for concentrating on the work. The brains get alarmed and react spontaneously for the key business negotiations. As a result, the activated and organized brain can boost up your memory, improving your overall attitudinal performance.

Controls your diet

Sleep is as significant for your body, as nutrition. Because of the lack of nutrients, fatal illness can happen. Same goes for sleep too. Lack of sleep can bring in various health issues. Furthermore, sleep deprivation releases hunger hormones such as leptin and ghrelin.

Ghrelin is a ‘hunger hormone’ that signals the brain to eat, making you feel crave for food. On the other side, leptin is ‘satiety hormone’ which signals you that you’re full. When you lack sleep, leptin levels drop down, whereas ghrelin levels rise, adding to gain more weight, on the contrary to what you were anticipating.

Having a good sleep relieves anxiety and stress, which ultimately affects your eating habits. When you possess a calm mind, you’re in a sound frame of mind that ultimately would lead you towards eating happily and healthily. On the contrary, your sleep-deprived mind would remain irritated, which demands mood boosting foods which are loaded with plenty of calories.

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Over to You

 Now when you know that how sleeping is associated with the overall weight loss, the ball is in your court. Not only does it help in losing weight, but also it regulates the functioning of the entire body and brain. This will not only help you to be healthy but also prevent for not getting into the downward spiral into exhaustion and stress. Give your body the optimal sleeping time which it needs to perform excellently.