Give Your Stairs A Safety Net With Non-Slip Stair Treads

We have all seen people falling from the stair and injuring themselves. But is it entirely their fault? No, it is not. It is partly due to a slippery stair tread. Now the question is what is a stair tread? A tread is a part of the stepping where we step on. So, a slippery staircase is basically a nightmare for any household or any office as it can cause serious injury to the resident or employees. Nonslip stair treads have proven to be quite a solution here, it’s uneven and rubbery surface provide necessary grip to eliminate such unfortunate incidents.

What is a nonslip stair tread?

Non slip stair treads are a type of stickers used to provide grip on the wet staircase or if you are in a hurry. It has an adhesive back-end and a rubber front-end. At the time of fitting you just pull out the adhesive cover and place it on the staircase.

Variety: Nonslip stair treads are available in different colors and different sizes. In terms of colour, it is best to choose something that will match the colour of the house or just simply choose black. These stair treads also come in different sizes and at different price points also.

Installation: Non slip stair treads are very easy to install. You can do it all by yourself, all you need some equipment, like a marker pen, utility knife, epoxy, measuring tape and a roller.

Firstly, prepare the stair where you want to install the treads. Clean the area thoroughly and make sure that it is dry.

Secondly, the stair treads come in spools so you have to cut them in your house. For that, first, you have to measure the staircase. You can measure one stair step and assume that the rest is the same, but don’t do that because chances are you will be wrong. So, measure the length and depth of every stair individually and then move on to cutting the treads.

Thirdly, mark the measurement on the stair tread spool and then use a metal edge to make sure that you have an even cut. Do a trial run first and check whether you have got the measurement right or not and how is it looking and then do the rest.

Lastly, once you are satisfied and completed the cutting process, it’s time to stick them. Now, you must start from the top and then work your way down so that you don’t spoil the treads by stepping on them. Apply the epoxy first at the tip of the stair tread and the move inwards. After that pull out the cover of the adhesive strip behind the non slip stair treads and slowly place them on the epoxy layer and then use the roller to smooth-en things up and get rid of air bubbles. After finishing, don’t use the stairs for an hour and let the treads dry.

So, if you are planning a renovation of your current house or the office, or building a new house or an office, make sure you are installing the non slip stair treads at the beginning to increase your stair safety.