Give your body a weekend treat at the Clarins Singapore Skin Spa

Nothing relaxes the body like a gentle massage and treatment from a skilled spa attendant on the weekend. It helps to rejuvenate the body and renew energy for the busy week ahead as well as enhance the functions of the circulation system. If you love having excellent skin and new energy, then you should spend your weekend at Clarins Singapore’s skin spa, for a fantastic facial and body massage session with an amazing, skillful, and experienced beauty therapist. The Clarins spa in Singapore is strategically located at the Wheelock place and is open every day of the week. However, Clarins spa has stores all over the world which are ideal destinations for body and facial treatments.

For this reason, you can find a Clarins spa that is close to your home and have a feel for the fantastic services offered there. Clarins spas are strategically located in the most exotic places around the world, and a good example is Wheelock in Singapore. It’s the home of beauty harnessed from natural products- real plants extracts. The signature of Clarins is defined by their codes, colors, natural body care, face care, and make-up products, face-to-face skin consultation, experienced skin therapists, a unique body massage and treatment techniques, quality services, and customized treatments to meet your specific skin needs.

 Clarins spa stands out in the industry

A unique characteristic of Clarins spas is that they are located in high-end areas when you step into the Wheelock spa; you experience a feeling of excellent luxe ambiance, and the place is sparkling clean with exceptional fragrance. This ambiance is not the case with other baths which are typically dim, with worn out towels, dumb smell and are located in noisy streets. That’s why you should plan to spend your weekend at Clarins Singapore’s skin spa to enjoy a heavenly ambiance, quality service, and great discounts. Another fascinating thing about the Clarins spa is that the science behind all the treatment include plants! Yes, the entire facial and body treatments are a product of plant extracts and in-depth research carried out by Clarins experts in their labs, and innovations. The procedures give results immediately, and they are user-friendly. This means the treatments are safe for use and have no side effects on the skin. Clarins has been in the industry for sixty years of drawing experience from dialogues with clients. The experience allows the experienced beauty therapists to give the best to the clients. The treatment packages are flexible and affordable, and once your purchase products worth $180, you’re entitled to a 10% discount.

A customer is the best element in the Spa

The customers are given number one priority because they are the main reason the Spa exists. Have you, at some point, stepped into a specific spa and everyone is busy, and you get confused who to approach? Then spend your weekend at Clarins Singapore’s skin spa, and see the difference. Customers are highly valued, and the welcome accorded to them is unique. The client’s beauty is the priority, and all customers are given a healthy treat for facials and body treatment.