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Salt is everything here!

          There are several methods of cooking chicken hch many people do not know about. One such method is the dry brining which many people have never even heard of. It is the process which makes the chicken cook in its own juices and the juices are retained within the chicken and it does not get dry. A dried piece of meat is not what many people like to eat but the best and juiciest one. To obtain the perfect results in this method you have to learn to dry brine chicken in the right way and you can easily make the best chicken recipe for the family. The best way is to give the chicken enough time for about 2 to 24 hours for best results.

learn to dry brine chicken

For more details on the process you can click on the link given above.

It is easy!

  • When you learn the process it becomes very easy for you to carry it out for you.
  • The process involves rubbing coarse salt crystals in all the areas of the chicken meat so that it is absorbed well and the chicken is no longer able to give out the moisture.
  • The fridge timing should be also perfect so that the chicken becomes very easy to cook and tender and you can also add the dry spices on top of it to give the flavors and if you learn to dry brine chicken there is no doubt you will be appreciated.