Meningioma Treatment

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Meninges are the membranes surrounding your spinal cord and brain, and the development of noncancerous tumours in meninges is medically termed as Meningiomas. Basically, it is the type of brain tumour that develops as an abnormal growth of cells in the membrane. It has been estimated that about 95% of the Meningiomas usually develop within the skull, while the remaining 5% develop in the spinal column of the patients. Although most of the Meningiomas are benign and it grows gradually, but in some cases, it can prove to be life-threatening.

However, Meningiomas is curable if diagnosed in the early stage. This brain tumour can be treated, and there are different treatment plans available which are decided based on the nature and type, size and symptoms of the tumour.

Brief Review on Meningiomas Treatment in India

Meningiomas usually require no immediate treatment as it starts showing symptoms gradually and not in the early stage. Brain scanning is suggested periodically to know the growth rate. Meningioma Treatment in India is offered based on the location and size of the tumour. Following are the treatment options for Meningiomas in India.

 Meningioma Treatment

  • Radiation Therapy – The treatment procedure involves damaging the Meningiomas cells post surgery and hence minimising the possibility of reoccurrence. The method consists of using high powered energy beams that are focused on the tumour cells to damage it. Significant advancements have been made in radiation therapies, and new methods were included like fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy and intensity modulated radiation therapy. These procedures use high doses of radiation on cells while minimising radiation to your healthy cells.
  • Radio-Surgery – This is an incision-free surgery that focuses on delivering several beams of radiations in high doses at a single point. It is the surgical procedure which is prescribed mainly when the Meningiomas can’t be removed with other surgical procedures.
  • Fractionated Radiation – This radiation therapy is mainly for larger Meningiomas that are developed in sensitive areas like optic nerve where high-intensity radiation can’t be employed. This procedure is done in 30 days.

What is the Meningiomas Treatment Cost in India?

As mentioned, the typical and right treatment procedure for Meningiomas is based on its location and size of the tumour and theMeningioma Treatment Cost in India is decided on the type of surgery performed and the medical procedure. Typically, the cost of Meningiomas treatment ranges from USD 5500 to USD 7000. But, you need to understand that the final cost of the treatment would depend strictly on the various factors which include:

  • Type of hospital
  • Type of treatment or surgery
  • Doctor’s expertise
  • Medical history of patients
  • Brand value of hospital
  • Location of the hospital

Because of low-cost treatment options in India, most of the overseas patients usually come to India for Meningiomas Treatment in India. Right from the beginning of the treatment until the discharge of the patients, everything is taken care of by the hospital. Above all, you are likely to get best in class treatment for Meningiomas in India at reasonable costs.