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Fully automatic vs. semi-automatic washing – which one is the best for you?

This is an ongoing debate that confuses the buyers. Often, the buyer is not aware of the functioning of the two washing machine types – fully-automatic and semi-automatic. Therefore, it becomes difficult to reach a conclusion. And if the buyer knows the functioning, the suitable selection is a problem. The final decision is dependent on your requirements, integrated features, and the cost of the appliance.

What is Fully-Automatic?

A fully-automatic washing machine is an appliance that operates without any human intervention. It will accomplish the washing, rinsing, and drying operations automatically. You have to insert the clothes and fabric in the washing drum. After this, the machine will take care of the occupants. Best front loading washing machine in India are fully-automatic appliances.


  • Integrated with intelligent features for automatic functioning
  • Occupies less space, saves time
  • Auto resume feature after a power cut
  • Manages the quantity of water that should be used. Requires less water
  • Excellent wash quality


  • Expensive and maintenance cost is also high. But, it rarely defaults
  • You cannot open the door until the process is complete

What is Semi-Automatic?

Semi-automatic washing machines require human intervention. It will not operate on its own, except spinning process in the washing and drying tub. You need to put clothes in the washing drum, add water and detergent, and initiate the operation. After washing, you need to move clothes from the washing drum to the drying tub. Again, you need to initiate the operation.


  • Available at low cost
  • It requires less maintenance
  • Washing cycle takes less time
  • Easily portable


  • You need to take control of the washing process
  • Requires excessive quantity of water
  • Regular maintenance required for proper functioning
  • Scrubbing is required to remove stains

Major Differences

  1. Size

Considering size, semi-automatic machines occupy a larger area in comparison to the fully-automatic machines. This is because the semi-automatic machines have separate tubs for washing and drying purpose. You can purchase fully-automatic machines that are compact and occupies less space.

  1. Power Consumption

Since fully-automatic machines operate independently, it requires more power to accomplish the washing, rinsing, and drying jobs with perfection. However, some of the machines have impressive energy ratings that facilitate energy savings.

Semi-automatic consumes less power in comparison to fully-automatic machines. Moreover, during a power cut, you can remove the clothes and wash them manually. But in case of fully-automatic, you cannot open the door before the process completes.

  1. Wash Quality

Fully-automatic machines are considered best when it comes to washing quality. It handles all type of fabric, whether delicate or heavy, with utmost efficiency. You don’t need to scrub it again as the stains will be removed during the washing process.

Semi-automatic machines are not as efficient as fully-automatic ones. But still, they perform reasonably well. Sometimes, you need to scrub to remove stains from the clothes.

As per your requirements and budget, you can sort washing machines on retail stores such as Amazon, Tata Cliq, Croma, Snapdeal, Flipkart, and others. Fully-automatic machines cost more than semi-automatic ones but the former is more efficient than the latter.