From White Water Rafting to Fishing, Activities to Enjoy At Coorg

Coorg which is famous as the Scotland of India is a place in Karnataka where from jungle trekking, mountain climbing to rafting one can turn up the thrill quotient with hundreds of adventurous activities.  It is a very beautiful hill station considered as a paradise for the adventure enthusiasts.

It is the place where you can make your dream of flying in the air true.  Rafting on white waters and climbing rocks to strolling in the green lands really takes your excitement level to new heights.

This is one of the reasons why it is also called as the “adventure capital of Karnataka. You will specially love the White Water Rafting Coorg activity here.  In addition to adventurous activities like rafting, you can enjoy shipping and elephant rides. In short here you will find everything that pleases your heart and soul.

Adventurous Activities in Coorg to Enjoy

 There are plenty of adventurous activities you can enjoy in Coorg like White Water rafting, mountain climbing, paragliding and trekking etc. In Coorg, it is the White Water rafting that every tourist wants to enjoy at this place. The below given are some adventure activities that you can enjoy in Coorg:

  1. White Water Rafting

 River rafting is really worth experiencing in Coorg especially white water rafting. The base camp of White water rafting is in PonyaDevarakad estate. After rafting you can enjoy bonfire and hot showers as well. The rafting stretches maximum to 2.8 km.  And if you are really looking for some thrill and adventure, then you should definitely indulge in White Water rafting.

  1. Microlight Flying

 If you have guts, thrill and passion in your head, then tie up your laces and get ready for Coorg Sky Adventures. Microlight Flying in Coorg provides you with an opportunity to experience chilly winds at a height of 3500 sq. The best time for the Microlight Flying is considered the morning time.

  1. Trekking

Trekking is a challenging task and suitable for people who are physically fit. Trekking takes you deep into the forests where you are able to spot wild animals and experience the beauty of Coorg.

  1. Kayaking

 Kayaking means in a way river rafting in Coorg but in the comparatively calm waters. You are accompanied by the experienced instructors who take you through the ride of a 20ft deep stretch of the river using Canoe or Kayak. At the base camp, visitors get facilities like bonfires, food gear and rooms for rest at the end of the day.

 Since Kayaking is in great demand, so you should make an advance booking for it.

  1. Fishing

 Coorg is considered one of the best places for Fishing in India. You can fish Masheer, eel and Catfish etc in the Kaveri River.

  1. Homestay in Coorg Near River

The Homestay in Coorg near river is different from the hotel or resort stays. The most significant advantage of a homestay in Coorg near river over a hotel stay is that you get to experience the rich diversity of India, its nature, culture and traditions while staying with the locals of India. You cannot enjoy these benefits in the true sense when you make a stay at a hotel. You do not get opportunities to talk to local people, witness their traditions, customs and rituals.