Four Apps Making Life of Seniors Easier

Smartphones complete routine tasks automatically which turns them into inalienable assistants of the elderly. Elder people can normally make phone calls and send text messages, take pictures, use a calculator, calendar and weather forecast. These key features are supplemented by special apps developed to simplify the daily life of seniors and address their vital needs.

Magnifying Glass with Light

Both weak eyesight and far-sightedness make reading a small print troublesome. Seniors may feel uncomfortable asking someone to read a label in a shop or prescription in a drugstore. The Magnifier app saves from awkward situations and bothering other people. All you need is to point your smartphone’s camera to a hard-to-read text. Its zooming option enlarges the size of the font, and you get the magnified text at one touch. The flashlight feature is helpful for reading in the twilight or in places with faint lighting.


If it is tricky to keep all bills well-organized in a single place, submit this task to one app. You’ll be able to sort the bills online and track information about your bank accounts, cards, and transactions. Seniors may keep an eye on their current bank balance to see which amount of money was paid. The Mint application is a wise and clear solution for simple financial control over month debts, payments, and bills.


Seniors often have to take multiple drugs few times per day. Human memory may fail you, and it is easy to skip the time and dosage. Pillboxie app is developed for the elder people who forget taking the prescriptions in time. It tracks the medications and provides reminders. No difficult guidelines, all the drugs are sorted by color and shape, which makes the information visually clear. You just need to drop “pills” into a “pillbox”, thus scheduling the reminders. What makes Pillboxie reliable is that it keeps on reminding even if the sleeping mode is on or there is no Wi-Fi connection.

Red Panic Button

One of the most terrifying situations is to be left alone when something happens, and no one is nearby to help. Even if the state of health is satisfactory by now, it is better to be ready for unexpected accidents. The Red button app can be used by seniors in case of emergency to send alarm and ask for immediate assistance. An elder person should set a contact number and address of a caregiver or family member. If the senior gets into trouble, he/she can simply press the button on the smartphone, and a text message with a current location will be received by the emergency contact.