For Beginners: A Guide to Medical Marijuana Products

There are different forms of medical marijuana in terms of available strains, consumption methods and products. From highly potent liquids to cannabis-infused edibles, there is something for each patient.

Before you buy medical marijuana products in Tulsa, you must first consult your doctor to identify which strain is best suited for your treatment. Once you have the details on dosage, it is time to choose the appropriate product.

Experiment with the six forms discussed below and settle on what works best for you.

Topical Products

The anti-inflammatory effect of cannabis makes it effective for treating chronic pain. As medical marijuana gains acceptance and grows in popularity, topical application methods also keep increasing.

There is a variety of CBD and THC-infused lotions and creams available in dispensaries. They do not result in a high; thus, are appropriate for people who are working, those on the go and first-time users. They are also suitable for muscle spasms, psoriasis and eczema. Their effectiveness in treating skin conditions is attributed to the presence of receptors on the skin.

Oral Administration

Oral administration of marijuana comes with the benefit of a prolonged effect. Since individuals have different metabolism and absorption rates, the same dose of oral marijuana could yield varying results in patients.

The onset of its effects takes an average of an hour and could last for up to eight hours. When consuming oral cannabis, it is important to go slow and low, as overmedicating could cause anxiety and paranoia for hours.


A natural essential oil, cannabis oil is derived from the marijuana plant. It has therapeutic benefits and is a highly potent form. Avoid taking it on an empty stomach and begin with a small dose to build tolerance, as it is quite strong.


There are different types of edible products infused with medical marijuana. They include candies, brownies, cookies and lollipops. In most cases, the concentration in these forms varies. It is, therefore, essential to discuss your medical needs with the dispensary staff so that you can get the right dosage for effective treatment.


Tinctures are highly concentrated liquids. Marijuana tinctures are extracts derived from soaking the plant in alcohol. The process results in the extraction of cannabinoids in the form of a highly potent liquid.

Consumption is by popping required amounts beneath the tongue or applying on the lining of your mouth. It yields the same effect as vaporizing.


Vaporizing involves heating cannabis to create an inhalable steam vapor. The process is kept below the combustion point to avoid the drawbacks associated with smoking while delivering the active ingredients of medical marijuana to the bloodstream within a short time. Vape pens are efficient for administration and mobility, but vape cups and vaporizers can serve the purpose.

Since there is the possibility of not tasting the marijuana, it is easy to overmedicate when vaping. Take it slow at the start and gradually increase the medication until you establish the appropriate dosage for the alleviation of your symptoms.

Whichever product or consumption method you settle for, it is essential to work with a knowledgeable provider. Having the right information will help you identify the appropriate strain and dosage for your illness without experiencing the adverse effects of overdosing.