Features and benefits of the benchtop planer

Features and benefits of the benchtop planer

A benchtop planer is the equipment that helps work with wooden boards to smooth, cut as per a required thickness and width, and resize it and so on.  It is a must for all those who work with wood either it is professionally or who work as amateurs. A benchtop planer has many features and benefits.


The main parts of a benchtop planer are the cutter head, the settings and the rolls and direction with reference to its feed. The cutter head is actually the blade that cuts the wood in the sizes you require. The feed is referred to as the part where you feed the wooden board into the tool. The direction of the feed determines the direction of the board. The measurement settings are for the measurement of the wood and how thin or thick you want it to be cut.

The cutter head consists of knives that are double-edged and have the self-indexing feature. There are some that have automatic lock in the cutter head. There are also portable planers.

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Some planers come with a gauge that tells you how much wood can be obtained with each time. This option helps you get an accurate idea. You can also choose benchtop planers with adjustable stops which will help you get the right thickness for your project. This is of benefit when you need multiple boards of the same thickness.

One of the key features of a planer is the dust collection. When you work with wood, lots of dust and chips are collected which create a mess all around. Some benchtop planers have fans which absorbs all the dust that has been collecting at the cutter head.


Working with wood can be quite a hassle if there aren’t good tools. For a carpenter, the finish and quality of his products depend mostly on the different machines in his possession. In such a case, a benchtop planer is a great machine tool. The main benefit is to cut boards in a specific thickness. It can also be used for warped boards wherein the board can be cut into a thin and straight piece of wood, thus removing the warp.

The other advantage of a benchtop planer is that they are portable as they come in small sizes and are lightweight. This means contractors and even DIY carpenters can carry it comfortably to any place where they want to work with wooden boards.

Generally, a work place has huge equipment but with a benchtop planer, there will be much space in a workshop as it occupies so little space. Since the knives or the cutters can be adjusted, it offers lot of convenience to work as well.

Benchtop planers can be of benefit to anyone who wishes to work with wood. It can be an experienced carpenter to a person dabbling indifferent DIY projects for their home. If you are planning to buy a device, it is better to get through the reviews from kingreviewed.