Feature of a good backup software

In general, backup software is used for making copies of some data. Both free and commercial backup software is available. Both types of software provide its own functionalities. The choice of the software is typically based on the users need. However, there are some features that backup software must possess. If the backup software has such features, it is more reliable. Therefore, users have to find the backup software with such features.

Below are some of the most common features of a backup software package. Most of the commercial backup software comes with the following features. You can get the software with one or many of the features. Check whether the software has some of these features before purchasing it. If the software has these features, it makes the data backup process easy and it is reliable to use.

Features to look into backup software

The following are some of the features to look into backup software

  • Media Spanning

This is the feature of the real backup software. The software should have the capacity to backup substantial files onto numbers of media

  • Verification of backup

The software should have verification setting. This is to ensure that the backup is correct and viable. The software compares every file that it backs up to the primary file on your hard disk only if this feature is available.

  • Scheduling and Automatic Operation

This is a helpful feature available on most of the commercial backup software. The backup will run automatically at the scheduled time. This eliminates the need for the user to be around to do it.

  • Extensive Device Support

The software should support wide hardware devices. Check how many hardware devices does the software works with. Also, see if the company offer upgrades if new drives hit the market.

  • Operating System Support

Check whether the software supports all the features and requirements of your operating system. Also, check how many operating systems it supports.

  • Backup Type Selection

Even basic software must provide full, selective and incremental backup alternatives, high-quality ones allow the use of search strings or patterns to select files and directories.

  • Disaster Recovery

This is an important feature to look in. This feature mostly found in more costly programs that are made with a unique recovery program that allows you to restore your system without once again installing the entire operating system. This will save your time considerably.

  • Compression

It is very useful if the software supports data compression.

  • Media Append and Overwrite

The software should have options to add existing files on the backup media, and overwrite

  • Security

Check whether the software allows you to password protect your data set.

  • Backup Configuration Profiles

Perhaps you’ll want to do various kinds of backups for various circumstances. It is better if the software packages help you avoid changing the settings each time by saving various profiles

Try to find the backup software that has these features. It is worthwhile to purchase backup software with these features.