Experience the heritage of Rajasthan aboard Palace on Wheels

Simply stating that a journey aboard the infamous luxury train Palace on Wheels of India is a once in a lifetime experience of royalty and decadence on-board. This coupled with timeless hospitality and impeccably designed mouth-watering paired with a scenic train ride across the beautiful Indian state of Rajasthan is the pure indulgence for the passengers.

This is the first luxury train in India that started its journey on Indian Republic Day of 26th January 1982 and has been taking passengers on a journey through time ever since. A thought-leader of the hospitality and travel industry, the Palace on Wheels was the pioneering train that captured the wildest and most luxurious imaginations of train-lovers.

Managed by the Rajasthan Department of Tourism and Development Cooperation in association with the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, it was launched with the intention reviving tourism for India in the state of palaces and princes, i.e. Rajasthan. Due course of this transcending vehicle’s journey through the decades, the train has acquired the accolades and attention of numerous magazines and organizations; it also secured the award for being the 4th best luxury train in the world.

Royalty and decadence go hand-in-hand with this luxury train, which is the definition of royal heritage luxury of the bygone era, married into a vehicle of 14 coaches. It was the pioneer of the introduction of this new idea of luxury and the father of all luxury trains in India. Being so, Palace on Wheels set a high bar for luxury accommodation in the country, offering unique experiences to its guests and utmost comfort in every sense. The state-of-the-art interior decor of the train is inspired by real-life palaces, and are a part of history themselves as they are resurrected designs of old princely luxury carriages that they voyage aboard for hunting expeditions.

Embodying the charm of the bygone era, every suite aboard the coaches of the Palace on Wheels train has its decor inspired by the historic kingdoms and states of Rajasthan under the rule of valiant kings. They are decorated with keen attention to detail bearing unique resemblance to the art and craft and culture of their namesake princely state from history. However, despite having a historic feel to it, the amenities aboard the train are anything but outdated.

The train is replete with all modern facilities including Wi-Fi, hot and cold running water, climate controlled premises, spa, lounges, and 5-star dining experiences. Apart from the experience of the train and the luxuries it packs, passengers aboard the Palace on Wheels enjoy guided sightseeing tours of major tourist attractions in and around Rajasthan, exclusive cultural performances, dining experiences at historic sites and shopping excursions around the traditional Rajasthani handicraft bazaars where they can pick up unique handmade souvenirs that the state is famous for all around the world.

Every carriage of the train comes accompanied by an appointed carriage captain and a host of assistants that serve exclusive butler services to the passengers. The hospitality staffs are the best trained and nothing you ask of them will ever be too much trouble. A journey on board the Palace on Wheels comes with visits to several popular destinations in and around Rajasthan including visits to some UNESCO World Heritage sites. The journey begins for every Palace on Wheels trip at the Safdarjung Railway Station in New Delhi and concludes there with convenient transfers to hotels and airports. The two restaurants aboard the train serve some of the finest cuisine in India and one can almost taste the heritage that comes packed with a genuine love for hospitality in the culture. So, go on and book your trip aboard the Royal Palace on Wheels…