Everything You Need To Know About Medical Negligence

Everything You Need To Know About Medical Negligence

A lot of people in this generation has only a few knowledge about the law with regards to medical. Health is very important for every individual in the world, and thus every country has its own ways to prioritize this matter. Being aware of each right and implemented policy is the best way to be secured and protected. Through this people will know how to cope in every circumstance. Also, with the right knowledge about medical matters can ensure the best decisions in the future. One of this situation is a Medical Negligence, an individual needs to know how to stand as part of the society.

Medical negligence is all about the substandard care that’s been provided by a medical professional to the patient, which directly caused injury or caused an existing condition to get worse. This is a horrible case of a patient, there are various ways that medical negligence occurs like misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment, and surgical mistakes. At some point, according to some study, this usually happens to the people who are new in the medical field and individual who is under their internship program to a hospital.

Medical negligence

Things To Know about  Medical Negligence


  • Time Limit, Every case of medical negligence claim has its time span to follow. At court, it is believed that 3 years is enough time to decide and to present the problem by the patient. There are some instances that a case of medical negligence can have its exception. It is when the patient is under 18 years old, and still a minor. Another is when the patient lacks the mental capacity to state the conflict.
  • Finding a Solicitor, it’s the best thing to do to find someone that can help to settle the case. A specialist can determine if an individual need to file a case with regards to any kind of medical negligence. Also, they are the right person to tell an individual what will be the process and its sequences.
  • There is no trial, as most of the cases of medical negligence are settled in a short period of time. For the reason that many of the hospitals today offer a financial settlement. Thus, it is only possible if the injury is not that bad, but in some cases, there are patients want to proceed in court.
  • Any Health Practitioner can be accountable, if and only the patient has the proof. This includes Dentists, Cosmetic Surgeons, private clinics and eye clinics. Any profession will be responsible if the patient proves that there is medical negligence happen.


In the majority of cases with regards to Medical Negligence patients need to have a witness. This is to prove that there is neglected care to a particular action.  Medical negligence is a long process of research and analyzation between the medical status of the patient and the individual who perform the medical activity.