A pergola is one of the quintessential outdoor structures meant to enhance the outdoor experience in mild and sunny weather. Erecting a pergola can present many opportunities for you to exercise your creativity and create a wondrous outdoor seating area. It can be as plain or as extravagant as your desire, according to what suits you best. This flexibility in styling gives you a variety of options to choose from.

Styling your pergola does not have to be expensive. All it takes to create a unique space is some ingenuity and smart budgeting to get better results than even you had imagined. A few ways that can be employed to ease the process while keeping it pocket- friendly include:


Light up space in and around the pergola to form an area that feels magical and ethereal, especially in the evening hours. The simplest way to light up your pergola is by stringing fairy lights strategically around the posts and rafters of the structure. You may even establish complementary designs to surround the pergola. For example, you may try using the rafters as a guide as you criss-cross the lights to create diamond shapes that lead to a corkscrew pattern which snakes down the poles on each edge of the pergola.

Plants and Flowers

Climbing vines and a canopy made of plants are the secrets to a potentially otherworldly pergola area. Wrap flowering vines around the posts to make the space brighter. Adding vines and winding branches among the rafters can result in a pergola seating area akin to a serene place in the middle of a forest that has been made just for your relaxation.

Plants and flowers do not cost a lot of money, and most are low maintenance as well; therefore, a small amount of money will go a long way.

Curtains and Blinds

If you would like to have a little more privacy, you may undoubtedly consider installing curtains or blinds around your pergola. The curtains do not have to be the same heavy, opaque types that are typically in the home interiors. They can be lighter but just as effective. Drawing the curtains would require nothing more than a simple tie to a post to keep them from flapping around.

Blinds, on the other hand, must be sturdy and durable. Ideally, their colour should match that of the pergola structure as closely as possible. While blinds are inexpensive to install, your choice of how you operate them can stretch your budget. Electronically operated blinds will cost more than manual ones.


Using furniture to style your pergola is a tried and true method for bringing out your vision for your outdoor space. There is a wide variety of outdoor furniture types and styles available that will cater to your tastes and help you actualise the theme that would suit you best. The furniture that you settle on using must be able to withstand all types of weather conditions so that it may last a long time.

Take advantage of all the easy and affordable ways of pergola styling to fashion an outdoor area that will garner awe and envy from all those around you. You will always have a smile on your face as you sit down to enjoy the best of what some creativity and a pocket-friendly budget can give.