EaseUS Todo PCTrans Professional

It is a top-class PC files transfer software which is used to transfer your files from one PC to another in one click. It is a user-friendly software from EaseUS Software. It is more efficient and smooth in working.

It is always a problem arises when you buy a new PC, you want to continue with the data and settings from your previous device. But you have to spend a lot of time on your new PC to feel comfortable with the new one.

By the use of EaseUS Todo PCTrans Professional, you can enjoy your previous PC data and settings just in one click. It will let you transfer your all accounts and applications of the previous PC.

Key Features

This is one of the best apps that you want to transfer your device data from one PC to another PC. There are many best features of it which we tell you next.

●    One Click Transfer

EaseUS TodoPCTrans allows you to transfer every type of data like files, photos, documents, accounts, PDFs and more in just one click. You don’t have to copy paste your items.

●    In-Place Upgrade

If you want to upgrade your window. Then you have the tension of removal of your installed app. Then you can use this app to first transfer your apps into another PC and then upgrade your window and retransfer your data back.

Then after upgrade to a new window say 10 then it automatically configured them without removing them.

●    Easily Backup

You can backup your data through this software only by connecting your PC through another PC.

●    Optimize Performance

You can improve the performance of your device by changing your old disks with the new one. For this process, you can transfer your all data using this software. As in old drives, damaged sectors can lead to poor performance.

Ways To Transfer Your Data

There are three ways by which you can transfer your data from one PC to another.

●    Via Network Connection

You have to simply connect two PC from each other by wire or using any other methods.

●    Via Image Files

Convert all your data in the form of images from the previous computer and transfer them to the new one.

●    Between Local Disks

You can migrate your data from one local disk to another to free up space to increase performance.

How To Use

Step 1

You have to choose transfer by network connection and Run Todo PCTrans on both PC from which you have to transfer your data and in which you want your data. And click on PC to PC transfer mode.

Step 2

Choose the computer in which you want to transfer your data from the list provided to you of all available computer networks.

Step 3

Now you have to choose one as a source. The data will flow from source to another device. You have to choose the source according to your device.

Step 4

This is the final step you have to just click on the Transfer button.


You can enjoy all its features at a very moderate price of $49.95. You will get one licence and it can be used for two PCs. Along with this, you get free technical services.