Dream Career Evading You? Get HR certifications in Talent Management Strategy

Do you know how many people get laid-off each year around the world? Hold on…. 20 million layoffs is the norm every year. Well, that’s a staggering statistic but the reality!!! But you are not bothered. Because you have HR certifications in global talent management. You know you are safe. Your career is a disruption itself. You are one among the 12,500 people who are blessed with a future-proof career. Your salary falls within the bracket of $90,000 to $106,910.

This is not a daydream but this experience has been felt by many candidates who have become HR leaders of a sort. It’s all because you carry in your portfolio a potent weapon that your competitors don’t. Research proves that HR certifications in talent management strategy validate your capabilities, commitment, and seriousness for the career. Every big company wants to hire you. You are the cynosure of all employers and interviewers.

Got a degree? 2 years of experience as one of the HR leaders? That’s enough. A global talent management certification will transform your career like nothing else. It’s a way of telling the world that you have arrived on the scene of global human capital management.

Let’s check on the requisite skills that are a must to be in this industry. Trending topics must be at the fingertips such as talent retention, talent acquisition, performance management, onboarding, microlearning, and leadership development. They have to be continuously updated keeping in trends with the latest updates done to them. All these aspects cost a lot to the company. About one-fourth of employees of any company fall in the high-retention-risk domain. Over 70% of employees who fall into the category of high-retention-risk leave their companies because they have to advance their respective careers.

Going further, you must be able to assist the senior management in effective human resource planning, building talent management strategy, and implementation of good practices of the global human capital management. As an associate, you must monitor and manage the present portfolios of candidates, beware of potential exits, and check for opportunities of talent acquisition. You are also set to assist in efforts of preliminary candidate screening with the help of software for effective human resource planning and global human capital management.

You are also supposed to know the legal and regulatory affairs dominating the workplace culture, relationships, and discipline. There will a gamut of situations involved such as sexual harassment, work shift timings, diversity, lay-offs, exits, promotions, and other things in which different laws are applicable which you must know.

Applying to most of the global talent management certification platforms is really easy. A few seconds of finding the apply link and a couple of minutes of filling the application form. No questions. No documents-submission. Hassle-free. Seamless, we don’t think you have read it till here to just to drop-off from here. What’s stopping you? Be in the list of renowned HR leaders in the world of human resource planning.