Different Types of Abaya Women Prefer

Abaya is one of the traditional dresses for Muslim women. It is kind of cloak that is worn by Muslim ladies on several occasions. Traditional abayas are black and full-length dress; but, today, the dress has been designed in stylish ways. An abaya can cover the entire body of a woman except for head, hands,and feet. Women wear niqaab to cover their head. Today, abayas are available in different styles from online formal abaya stores. Based on the modern styles, the abaya is differentiated in several parts. Read on to know more-

  1. Closed Abaya– The name suggests its designs. This is the traditional abaya which is quite simple. Wearing it quite easy as there are no buttons to open. You just need to wear it from upside. You can wear anything underneath.
  2. The Abaya Cardi– This also looks like the traditional one as there is no front button. The only difference between the traditional abaya and this one is that there may be a belt or a sash.
  3. Open Button Abaya– You can understand it from the name. There are buttons on the front side that will help you to open and close the dress.
  4. The Kimono– Yes, kimono is the Japanese dress, but fashion designers are bringing kimono-style abaya for women that is becoming hugely popular. These one-side crosses overdress with sash looks adorable on gorgeous women.
  5. Two-piece Abaya– This is one of the most favorite among women. You can wear it like traditional abaya and also like abayacardi. The inner is sewed to the abaya and you just need to slip on.
  6. Draped Abaya– This is quite fashionable. Fashion designers have come with this design, inspired by the Grecian draped gowns. It is quite comfortable while the flowy fabric gives a soft touch and comfortable wear. In summer, wearing this type of abaya will be the first choice. Instead of wearing mono-color, you can try prints and motifs to look unique.

So, these are the types of abaya that can make you look beautiful and experimental. If you want to shop online, you will get best abaya maxi dresses online.

Types of Fabric for Abaya

This is one of the most important tips to choose while you are picking an abaya for you. Here are the famous abaya fabric you can try-

  1. Lexus– If you are looking for something soft and smooth, this is the fabric you can buy. Abaya, made of this fabric, is comfortable and it is matte finished.
  2. Nidha– Expensive abayas are made of this fabric. This is soft and luxurious and available in different quality.
  3. Internet– The name is interesting enough! It is a bit slippery and comes with a glossy overtone.
  4. Poly Crepe– You can buy lightweight fabric or the medium weight one. The smooth matte finish is awesome and it can be draped easily.

Here, you get enough information about abaya and its types. These are certain fabrics you can buy to get tailor-made abaya. There are lots more. Pick your favorite one and have a new dress.