Different Metal Shapes And Their Applications

You need to hire a custom metal fabricator for your custom DIY projects or home improvement projects. An ideal metal fabricator is one who will be able to cater your custom metal fabrication requirements with the use of latest equipment and technologies. You might need different custom metal shapes of various measurements for the projects. You can order it online too and a metal fabricator will ensure that you get your custom order at your doorsteps. They will use the latest tools and technologies to get the desired shape of the metal.

Here, in this post, we will discuss some of these custom metal shapes and their applications in different projects.

Round Metal Circles:

Round metal circles are very popular in DIY projects for various applications. Here, you need to ensure that you give a detailed measurement of either a diameter or a radius to the metal fabricator to carry out the exact shape. Generally, people ask for round metal circles for stainless steel, aluminum and carbon steel for various home DIY projects. Some of the applications are teapoys, covering openings in walls or floors, coasters and others.

The Isosceles Triangle Shape:

The isosceles triangle also is a popular metal shape asked by the DIY project enthusiasts. Here, at least 2 sides and 2 angles are equal. Your metal fabricator will ask you to provide the length of side A or Side B(both side’s length are equal) and the length of side C. such shapes are used in making jewelry items such as pendants and other decorative accessories.

Right Triangle:

A right triangle is a triangle which has one 90° right angle and two equal angles of 45° each. It can be used to make different shelf and wall mounted cabinets in your home. Also, home designers prefer steel mosaic tiles flooring with such shape. You can specify the length of the two sides such as side A and side B to the metal fabricator and he will fabricate the metal accordingly.

U or J Channel:

The U channel is one of the most preferred metal shapes for architectural applications. It is termed as U channel due to its shape that looks like an alphabet U. you can ask a metal fabricator to create a U shape by providing the length of side A, side B, and side C. The two sides of rectangle metals are bent to create the U shape. Also, you can create a custom J shape too as you can decide the length of each side. Generally, stainless steel and aluminum are used to form such metal shapes. U-Channels are typically used to hold or guide something within the channel, but maybe you have a different idea to use a custom U-, or J-Channel.

Hat Channel:

The Hat channel shape is generally used in the home or office furniture and it is also termed as furring channel. You need to specify the exact length of each side to get a custom hat channel for your project. However, it is mostly used in the construction and heavy engineering. It gives a shape of the hat once finished. Specifying the different sides will enable you to get the optimal shaped hat-channel for your project.

Z Channel:

Sometimes referred as Zee or Z bar, Z channel looks like the letter Z and it is used in a wide range of applications such as tool boxes, garage doors, PVC doors, window frames, metal furniture and buildings and many more. Wherever you are going to use it for, isn’t it just great to be able to configure the size of each measurement and order what you need?

Wrapping Up:

Apart from the shapes discussed above, there are many other custom shapes your metal fabricator can offer to you. Hire, one of the best custom online metal fabricators offering highly accurate and quality metal fabrication services for Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel.