Difference between Hiking, Trekking and Mountaineering – something you should know for your love for trek

Whenever we talk about such terms like hiking, trekking, mountaineering or alpine expedition, we should know the proper distinctions between them. The more clear we are about what we say or mention, the more productive outcome we will get during all of our adventurous journey. It’s for our safety, it’s for our personal knowledge and its for our love, love trek, love hike or it can be anything. Travelling world is full of enigmas, and we should know its roots. So let’s talk about it in detail!


Hiking is kind of leisure activity that we do like walking or trailing in wild. It’s simplest from all of four terms used in travelling world. It means it just starts from and ends up at the same place. You just need to start up from your wish, and everything else will be done. Hiking generally ends up in a single day and doesn’t get longer than usual time.

It doesn’t include tough work done by the person himself. You are not going to stay in mid places like an abode, be it camping or any kind of other lodging. Hiking is the easiest form among all, but it requires physical exercise from a person. You are going for a hike with minimal luggage, and you don’t need to rush as you don’t need to gain elevation more than 350-400 m per hour.


Trekking is little more professional term used by adventurers. It’s more kind of rigorous activity than hiking. It also includes a series of events that take place in proper organization. When it comes to difficulty, trekking is placed in middle position between hiking and mountaineering. Trekking simply means origin and destination can be different places as treks generally start from different point and end at different location. Morevertreks generally take more time, not just a single day. Some of popular treks take time of week or more than it. It gives us idea that camping at any location is a part of trekking, which is generally not seen in hiking. During any trekking trips in India, you can see the difference

Trekking is more challenging than hiking and it asks a lot of things from a doar. Treks can be of distance such as few kilometers to hundred even, and it gives us chance to stay at any small places falling on sojourns. So if you love trek, you also need to know about whom you love?


By far, the mountaineering is the most challenging among all of discussed above. Here, hard work requires as you are going to altitude of 5000 meters above sea level even. The mountaineering term is so technical, the way it brings you to the top of mountains with a proper journey on the way.

Mountaineeringis activity that takes couple of days, and proper chain of management, how to go, where to go, where to stay, what to do, what to keep! You need to go with a lot of stuffs along with you as you are going to confront totally new life. Mountaineering is something for which you need to be trained, physically and technically. You should have knowledge of mountains, its hazards and any unpredictable event that may arrive during doing it. Because this is the time, when you will be standing between your life and death. Like if snowstorm is heavy or any condition is morbid, you should know how to survive without basics there. Alpine expeditions are generally of professional mountaineering provision, that work with high altitude mountains.

So I hope you would have every kind of knowledge related to such terms before going to any trekking trips in India. Just go there with your keen heart and enjoy the new experience!