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Dental veneers – common questions

Today there are many advanced treatments that are followed in order to initiate better dental care. The dental veneer is also one such advanced treatment which is more familiar in current trend. This is a procedure that is done in order to provide better smiling experience and also to protect the surface of the teeth from unwanted damages. The other important thing that is to be noted is this procedure also falls under the category of cosmetic dentistry. Even though many people are coming forward to undergo this treatment, there are many rumors that this kind of treatment may ruin the teeth. But this is not the fact. The dental veneer procedure will never create any kind of negative impacts over the teeth. Hence without any hesitation the people who are really in need can come forward to undergo this treatment.

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What is it?

This is nothing but a dental procedure in which a kind of material will be placed over the teeth in order to prevent them from damage and to increase the aesthetic value. While consider the material, the veneer is available in two different types of material. One can choose it according to their needs and requirements. The type of veneer that is available in the current market includes dental porcelain and composite veneer. While considering both these choices, the attention towards the dental porcelain is considered to be higher. And this is also considered to be the strongest dental procedure available in current trend.

What is the duration?

Each and everyone who is coming forward to undergo carillas de porcelana barcelona treatment tend to have question about its duration. It is to be noted that the duration of the veneer will get varied from one case to another. It greatly depends upon the way in which they are maintained, the type of veneer that is used, the oral hygiene of a person and several other factors. There are also dental veneers that can last up to fifteen years in case if they are handled in the right way. In case if a person is moving toward the composite veneer it can serve up to five years.

Do they require maintenance?

As mentioned above, the longevity of the veneer greatly depends upon the way in which they are maintained. Hence the people who are undergoing this procedure should also initiate better effort for its maintenance. It is to be noted that proper maintenance includes regular brushing and flossing should also be compulsory.