Convenient uses of virtual phone number

An access number is also known as virtual phone number that is used to forward all incoming calls. This type of virtual phone number is also known as virtual private numbers or virtual telephone numbers. In different country, people know this incoming call transferring facility with different name.

 In US, this virtual phone number is known as follow me while in UK, it is known as personal number. User does not need to go any telecom company office to get such a number. They will need to download application from the google play store in their phone and register them with the city where they call the most. This service makes call rate so cheaper that they can call anywhere in the world without thinking. Many new smart phones have this call transferring feature in built, and then they will not need to download any application. No extra mobile phone is needed to buy virtual phone number.

There are number of advantages for using virtual phone number, those are described here:

  • No extra cables – virtual phone number is used in the existing mobile without making any changes. No extra hardware device or cable is needed for using this service. You can take it away with you where you go and this virtual phone number will work at all places.
  • Low cost – this calling service also makes your international or roaming call charge to local call charges so that you will feel relaxed to call anyone around all over the world.
  • Easily redirect calls & call recording – if a person call you again and again and you are busy that time. You can forward his or her call to another number or automatic recorded call. He or she will not able to know either they are talking to the person or it is recorded call.

  • Feels like professional appearance – start up business are like charming business and they must have to respond all their employees and clients. At the same time, they can get number of calls on same number. Using virtual phone number, they can transfer all incoming calls to separate numbers so that their all client get response immediately.
  • Your growing business – if your business is at the growing stage, you must have to add virtual phone number to every employee’s mobile. So that they will be able to set their own incoming call forwarding, send voice mails or connect to recorded call as required.
  • Maximize your cost savings – best feature of using virtual phone number is the time and money saving. Using this virtual phone number, you do not need to purchase any software or hardware device. No money is spent for downloading application from google play store. Your call rate will be incurred as local call rate even you have done international call.
  • Superior service for employees and clients – virtual phone number will work at all places. So, employee can work from anywhere as he will able to attend all calls and clients will get immediate response.