Compounding Isolators  Is A Boon In Sterile Compounding Of Products

While Compounding Sterile Products or CSPs, the main aim is to safeguard the products from any foreign contamination in the airflow so that the work zone remains sterile. The Compounding Aseptic Isolators are used for creating a positive pressure for recirculation so that the non-hazardous products like drugs can pass through the air-controlled environ and the users can meet their requirements. With brilliant ergonomics, flexibility and user-friendly interface, these isolators are not only safe for the users but also are energy and cost efficient. The Ultra High-efficiency Motor used in these isolators elongate the life of the filter, reduce the ownership cost and lower the energy bill.

Features of Compounding Aseptic Isolators

Although the pressure and engineering design features vary according to the utility, the CAIs have almost the same properties which help in easy processing. They are –

Ergonomically viable

The lab workers or users of the CAIs can stand in their comfortable posture while using it –the design is strategically executed to reduce fatigue. Cool luminescent light lightens up the isolator to better view while the sight lines provide a clear sight of the inside process. The slanted oval-shaped gloves offer extended reach with an extended range of motion. The safe-change feature of the cuff-ring also lets the user change gloves without favouring any contamination by opening up the isolator.

Distinct IV Bar locations

The three IV Bar locations of the Compounding Aseptic Isolators provide proper compounding of distance and height while they safely hold the hanging IV pouches within easy reach of the user.

Sliding tray in Interchange Chamber

Users can put any material in the work chamber and the machine quickly with ease as the interchange chamber is equipped with a sliding tray.

Tilted Polycarbonate Inner Window

The counterbalance window separates the work zone and the inner chamber while letting the user lower down or lift up the window easily, with only one finger! The large viewing window can be tilted open for regular deep clean-up process and also to add large equipment for processing.

Easy handling of sharps waste

For potentially hazardous and sharp objects, the Compounding Aseptic Isolators have the “sharp objects and waste system” built within the work zone with waste containers having air-tight seals. While disposing of the sharp or hazardous waste, the waste container covers can be removed and waste can be discarded into it. A locking mechanism will help in pulling out, removing and replacing the container trays.

Other features

The positive measure inside main compounding chamber and antechamber is monitored by Magnehelic gauges. The air cleanliness standard is maintained by low-vibrating and low-noise unit.

The brain of the CAI is the HEPA Filter attached in the work area which maintains a relative air pressure with respect to the compartment of an interchange. The interchange compartment again maintains the positive pressure in relation with surrounding room. With such two-level protection, it becomes almost impossible for any particle to get contaminated within the work zone. The Unidirectional airflow not only removes the airborne products nearing their points of generation but also maintains a stable and consistent environ.