Common causes of the lumbago: lower back pain

It is common to find people who are suffering from lower back pain and most of the times it comes, as a surprise to you there is no symptoms with which you can easily detect the condition.It goes without saying it is certainly difficult situation where it is tough for the individual to move and it is essential to look for the root cause of the  lower back pain that is troubling you.

Although lower back is not an infirmity, in itself but many a times it is indication of other aliments therfore it becomes important to seek immediate medical attention. As said earlier, it becomes important to rule out the issue so that you can easily get rid of the troubling pain. It becomes impertinent to understand the root cause lower back pain symptoms and to help you here we bring you list of the symptoms that can be easily detected the reason that will help you to look out for proper treatment. It will help you to ease the pain so that you can easily get rid of the same and at the same time, you can easily perform various activities.

Symptoms of the lower back pain!

In order to cure the situation it becomes important to understand the root cause of the issue. In addition, to help you realise here are list of symptoms that will help you to have get rid of the back pain.

  • Difficulty in moving and standing
  • Radiating pain in the groin, buttocks and upper thing
  • Stiffness in back
  • Achy and dull sting
  • Muscle spasms
  • Topical soreness

The above-mentioned are a few lower back pain symptoms that are commonly faced by the people who suffer from the back pain. Although there are, various other reasons that may take the lower back pain and it is vital to understand them in order to treat the aliment.  As said earlier, there are numerous other causes of back muscles strain, as we all know back muscle strain or ligament strain is one of the common causes of the acute low back.  The reason behind thepain could be lifting a heavy object, twisting or sudden movement, which cause extra and sudden pressure on the ligament.


One can easily find medication that will help you to ease out the pain and it becomes important to take suchpainkillers that are not harsh.Primarily it important to get rid of the pain and it becomes important to avoid stress on the affected area otherwise; it would worsen the pain and situation. Once there is no pain in the affected area then it is advisable to go for the exercise and physiotherapies that will strengthen back muscles and it will help you to get back to normal life. Another home remedy for the back pain that provides relief is hot fomentation that will help you to get rid of the inflammation in the affected area it is advisable apply hot packs on the affected area twice daily.