Clean up your Canine with Best Shampoo

Dogs are kind of fun and active type of animals, and they just love to run around the house playing with anything they find interesting.And while playing sometimes they get dirty by spilling any fluid or dirt on them. Plus while playing,theystart to stink as well real soon.

So in this situation, all you have got is a Dog Shampoo and Conditioner.Now many people usually use their own shampoo on their dogs as well, as they do not consider those shampoos any different from each other.Well, this is all a wrong idea if you are also thinking your own shampoo on your pet dog.

Acid Mantle

Well, first of all, you must know that shampoos are not just meant for hairs, but they also affect our scalps as well.Most of you are not even aware that there is an extra layer over our and animal’s skins. And that layer is known as Acid Mantle, and this is the layer which protects your pets’ and your skin from any kind of harmful microorganisms.

So when you give a bath to your pet then that layer gets removed from the skin, and it takes some time for that acid layer to come again. And that would be only possible when there is the exact amount of pH balance on your or your pets’ skin.Now the pH value of Human and Animal skin is different.

PH Value

As human skin is acidic, while dog’s skin is more like neutral. Those shampoos that you use are designed to match your skin. So if you will use the same shampoo for your pet, then it will totally destroy that Acid Mantle layer from your pet’s skin. As a result, your pet will engage from diseases, and even there will be more chances of him getting fleas.

Now as you have understood that why you should not use your shampoo on your pet, then now comes the next step of choosing the best shampoo for your pet. First of all, there are several types of dog shampoos available in the market. Like there are shampoos which are specific for removing ticks, fleas, or mites from your dog’s skin.

Different Kind of Shampoos

These shampoos are really hard, and will completely wipe off the pests from your canine. Even they will also form a protective layer as well which will keep your dog safe from bloodsucking creatures for some time. Now there are some dogs which have a sensitive skin, and you cannot use any hard shampoo on them, because they already lack in moisturizer.

So there are also shampoos to handle such a situation, and these shampoos will really fulfil the amount of moisturizer on the skin of your pet. Then there are some other shampoos as well whichare suggested by vets to fight off any skin disease of your pet. These shampoos are actually antibacterial, and if there are some injuries on your dog’s skin, then these shampoos also help to wipe germs from them.