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Checking profiles of your breeds with love at Orivet!

Owning a canine comes with a lot of additional responsibilities. It’s important to take care of your breed and address all concerns related to the genetics and overall health of your dog and cat. If you are looking forward to getting a full genetic report of your pet, take a look at Orivet. From sample collections to producing results in minutes, dog owners will receive 100% accurate genesstic results of the breed they own. Plus, the process is safe and hassle-free, done at an affordable rate. The service includes a wide range of tests that ensures breeds stay safe and secure always!


Getting started with the tests: How does it work?

Developing concerns for your dog and cat, related to genetic diseases, parentage, or even health issues is natural. You want your breed to stay healthy and live a happy life. To do away with all your worries, Orivet is one place where all your pet concerns are addressed one by one. Here, both breeders, along with veterinarians can come forward and get their breeds tested.

The testsare done through swab collections, thereby making it comfortable for your pet and keeping it simple. For specific test queries, you can get in touch with the experts and acquire essential information. Comprehensive data, inclusive of all major factors related to the test are available in the report after sample testing.

Take a look at the following ways in which you can order the first test for your breed-

  1. Choose the type of test you are looking for for your breed.
  2. Click on the number of tests required and choose an appropriate time slot.
  3. The samples are collected as per the information provided.
  4. Complete the order of the test for your breed.
  5. Finally, send the samples to the team and wait for the results.

This procedure is completely safe and ensures complete satisfaction. It’s non-invasive and keeps your pet worry-free. You can order multiple tests at one time, to save time and money. Discounts are also available depending on the number of tests done. You can check out all the offers and order your tests right away.

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It’s easy to set up your account and understand the whole process of swab collection for the tests. Fill in the necessary information required and order your very first swab for free. Plus, once your consultation is over, choose a wide range of products exclusively curated for your breed. The testing technology ensures satisfaction among customers and confirms the results for your breed.

Therefore, it’s time to get in touch with a healthier initiative of determining breeding practices through confirmed and verified test results!