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    Top Reasons To Visit The Dahab, The Paradise On Earth

    It’s the first quarter of 2022, and for sure, you are starting to fill up your itinerary for this year. Now that country restrictions are slowly relaxing despite the coronavirus pandemic, there is no doubt that you are as excited as everybody else to go and visit other parts of the world. If you are set to visit Egypt this year, you should not miss out on stopping by Dahab. Here are the reasons why.

    Water Sports

    One of the best things to do when in Dahab is to try their different water sports. This is one of the ideal places for those who love the water and extreme water sports. There are various activities to try, like snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and more.

    For sure you can find something to do that suits your ability level. They have everything for beginners and experts. There are plenty of dive centers for tourists to choose from. You can find an abundance of water sports and fun dahab diving activities to try all across town.

    Dive The Blue Hole

    Scuba diving is the most popular activity in Dahab. For a more challenging dive, the Blue Hole is one of the most visited places here in Dahab. This submarine sinkhole plunges to more than 330 feet or 100 meters. This may not be the prettiest diving site, but it is worth trying because this is popular among tec divers and advanced freedivers.

    See The SS Thistlegorm

    If you want to see something unique here in Dahab, you should ask your diving center if they have trips to the SS Thistlegorm. This is one of the most iconic shipwrecks worldwide. The SS Thistlegorm was a British freighter that sank in 1941 after being hit by two German Bombers in WWII. It measures over 120 meters in length and lies in shallow waters.

    Relax and Unwind

    After a long day of death-defying activities, why not relax and unwind while in Dahab? Before you end your trip, it is highly recommended to enjoy the scenery and the natural beauty of nature. If you want to take a break out of the water, you can join yoga classes or experience a ride on the camels and beach buggies.

    If the outdoors is what you are interested in experiencing, go cycling or hiking in the nearby mountains. Enjoy unique hot tea drink blends from the traditional Bedouins. You can also enjoy horse-riding tours in Dahab. These trips will take you along the beach or even through the desert.

    When Visiting Dahab

    Aside from all these, there is a long list of activities and places to visit here in Dahab. But of course, before seeing them, ensure that you know all about the safety and health protocols that the country requires. The last thing you want is to miss out on all the fun for not following the rules. If you are ready, go ahead and check out these activities that you can try while in Dahab.


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    Enjoying Ways to Look for Great Camping Gear

    Camping is one of the best activities you can think of to get rid of the stress and noise of city life. The only thing you need to make sure of before going on a hike is to plan your gear correctly. Poor planning can turn a camping trip into a nightmare and ruin the idea of ​​being outdoors. The secret is to get excellent travel gear to keep you comfortable during your trip. Learn some of the more common outfits, so you know what you need to be fun and relaxing at the same time.

    Sleeping bags

    The sleeping bag is among the essential items you need in your hiking gear. Whether you sleep under the stars or in a tent, it is important to have the right sleeping bag if you want to keep you warm and comfortable at night. If you are new to camping, it will be easy to buy the wrong type of sleeping bag. Keep in mind that a comfortable sleeping bag in the summer can be dreadful in the winter.


    If you want to feel comfortable while hiking, a tent is undoubtedly great camping gear. Tents are very similar to sleeping bags and should be selected based on temperature. In addition, one more factor should be considered, for example, the weight of the carp.

    camping gear

    Size is also important. The sizes of the tents do not always correspond to reality. If you plan to go camping, you should consider buying a small tent that is easy to transport; otherwise, you can opt for a more spacious and comfortable tent. A two-person tent is enough if you are camping alone; moreover, it will surely be crowded there. Keep this in mind.

    You need camping stoves.

    It is important to prepare the best food. To cook over an open fire is fun and an important part of camping. It is where camping stoves make a great addition to your camping gear. However, you should be sure to choose your camping stove wisely, as well as sleeping bags or a tent.

    Choosing the wrong ones can ruin your trip. There are two common types of camping stoves: those that run on butane and those on propane. Choose those that run on propane as others tend to fail when cold. Size is also important. If you use large pots and your stove is too small, the hotplate will not heat up evenly.


    Buying great camping gear will ensure you have a great hiking trip, but you need to make sure you buy the right camping gear for the season you plan to go camping. Keep that in mind, and it should be pretty easy for you to buy some great camping gear.

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    Benefits Of Having A Tackle Box

    If one of your favorite hobbies is fishing, then a box is must-have equipment for you. Anglers have so many choices regarding accessories and tools, but to keep them all in one place safely and for your convenience, you should invest. If you are new to the world of fishing, we have listed some benefits of having a box for you. It will help you to make an informed decision whether having the box is worth the money.

    Why should you get a tackle box?

    There are many advantages to getting this box. We have listed them below:-

    • Durability- One of the best things about these boxes is that they are highly durable. If taken proper care of, these boxes can last for a lifetime. Talking to seasoned anglers, you might hear that a particular tackle box has been passed on from several generations, and even after being used constantly, they work pretty fine. The rigid case boxes provide better protection to the fishing tools than the soft bags, and investing in them once would help you have a lifetime of convenient fishing experience.

    • Fold-out trays- The hard boxes come with fold-out trays, which is a handy addition and helps in placing things accordingly. From lures to baits and many other fishing tools can fit in them easily. It also helps in maintaining the good conditions of the fishing accessories, which is essential.
    • Waterproof- One of the main reasons anglers prefer tackle boxes over soft bags is because the former is waterproof. Keeping the fishing accessories in the box would help keep them dry, which is one of the main priorities of many seasoned anglers. It comes with heavy-duty latches, which helps in keeping your tools away from water damage.
    • Additional storage- Previously, there were only trays in the tackle boxes to keep the accessories and tools. But with passing time and advancing technologies, tackle boxes are now equipped with additional storage units, which are very useful to the anglers. The modern boxes come with a top-loading section that can accommodate various essential fishing items, which would help in enhancing your overall experience. The best part of keeping these accessories in the top section is that you will get easy access to them at the time of need.

    People who have been in the world of fishing for quite some time now will be able to tell you how this storage unit has helped them to keep all their fishing equipment safely in one place. The box has an excellent track record. Seasoned anglers love hard case tackle boxes, especially plastic ones. It comes in different shapes and sizes, and you can choose the one suiting your needs.

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    Places you can visit when leaving the Moco Museum

    You are planning your next trip to Amsterdam. One of the richest cities in art and culture. It is difficult to decide on all the places that this great city has to offer. One of the first visits of every art lover is to the Moco Museum. Its rebellious and young art will catch more than one. Although it is one of the most emblematic that exist in the city, there are other options of museum Amsterdam that you can visit. However, here we are going to talk about other places where you can go in Amsterdam. The first stop is the GVB Amsterdam Ferries. These blue colored boats will give you about 15 minutes of excitement on board. Hop across the IJ river to Buiksloterweg (Amsterdam North). No need to buy a ticket. That’s right, it’s free!

    Get your feet or your bike ready for your next destinations

    Amsterdam is full of places that will captivate more than one. There are many places that you might find creative and eye-catching. But let’s mention two that are worth a visit on your next trip. The first is the Skinny Bridge (Magere Brug). This wooden drawbridge spans the Amstel river at Kerkstraat between the Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht canals. Illuminated with more than 1000 light bulbs, it is only allowed for the transit of cyclists and pedestrians. The second is the Cuyperspassage Foot/Cycle Tunnel. It is located on the western side of Amsterdam Central Station which connects the city to the IJ ferry port. Its construction was completed in 2015. It has a width of 10 meters, a height of 3 meters and you will need to travel 110 meters to go through it completely. A highlight is the 80,000 glazed Delft Blue tiles adorning the pedestrian walkway.

    More water and a place banned by the government

    Amsterdam is surrounded by water. One of its great attractions are its water canals. Perfect for a romantic trip or just a relaxing stroll. One of the canals you should visit is the Amsterdam Canal Ring. This canal is part of the world heritage declared by UNESCO in 2010. It surrounds the city while enjoying a wonderful view of all the buildings full of stories. However, not everything is relaxing in Amsterdam. There is a no-go zone since 2020 by the city council. Guided tours are not allowed. The decision to go is up to you. It is called the Red-Light District (or De Wallen). Here you can get prostitutes behind windows, cafés, and even peep shows. If you decide to go, try to keep yourself in your 5 senses and pay attention to the pickpockets.

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    More About Australian Visas For Your Option

    Australia is one of the most popular travel destinations for individuals. It offers a wide variety of employment opportunities for skilled immigrants due to the lack of talented people in Australia. Therefore, the Australian government has a very flexible approach to professionals. It will not be wrong to say that immigrants are the reason why Australia’s economy is growing. To adequately address businesses’ needs when they lack skills, the Australian government regularly updates its immigration laws. The main reason for Australian immigration is that Australian citizenship status is much easier than other countries. Citizenship can be applied for after four years in Australia. Go to https://www.skylarkmigration.com.au/ and get more tips.

    This is a reasonable time if you are looking for a job in Australia. You can seek the help of Australian immigration advisers in Delhi to facilitate your visa processing. As mentioned earlier, Australia is constantly updating its immigration laws, making it difficult to fully understand and comply with the ever-changing laws when applying for an Australian visa. It is worth noting that a wrong answer could delay the approval of your Australian visa. Therefore, guiding immigration experts can increase the chances of obtaining a visa approval, as they are usually aware of the information provided by the immigration service in the immigration process. Also, make sure that you do not miss an important clause while filling out the form.

    Due to the requirements, the work visa for Australia can be divided into different categories. In case of lack of skills, Australia will invite people according to the country’s skills, so it can be interpreted that the Australian visa process can be easy and convenient for you if you need the skills needed by companies in Australia. Immigrants can take an Australian visa first and then look for a job or apply for an Australian visa after obtaining a job. In both cases, candidates can contact Australian immigration advisers.

    People between the ages of eighteen and thirty-one can obtain this type of visa. With this visa, a person can stay in the country for a maximum of six months and can have a term of twelve months. Those who provide evidence of three months of seasonal work would receive an additional twelve-month stay in the country. This is the privilege that everyone would enjoy obtaining such visas.

    This is a type of visa for people enrolled in an accredited educational institution in Australia. Allows entry into the country for at least three months. Individuals or students using this type of visa must provide evidence of the competent authorities’ assurance and compliance with character and health examinations.

    In fact, anyone applying for an immigration permit in Australia must be granted the privilege. There are options to choose from. However, it is important to have relevant documents, which speeds up the visa application process.

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    Start a New Life With Your Partner With Help From Hansen Migration

    Love can always bring even the most depressed person right back up. That is why there are times where you and your partner would want to make a big decision. These big decisions can range from all sorts of different adventures. From owning a house to having a family of your own, there is no shortage of adventures to come across.

    This is why some couples that are of different citizenship would need to find a way to move to one or the other. You cannot expect to start a family and life together without having to be with each other. That is mandatory to have once you and your partner have officially tied the knot. But the process to get that done might not be as simple as you might think.

    That is why you should always consult the expert opinion of the one and only Hansen Migration team. These people are dedicated and highly trained agents that are committed to ensuring that you and your partner are reunited. All you need to do is trust in their capable hands to handle your case. After all, they are the premier family and partner visa specialists in Australia.

    family and partner visa specialists

    No Discrimination Partnerships Visa

    Being married to a partner might bring forth some issues for those that are part of the LGBT community in some countries. But down here in Australia, you are well-respected and safe to be with your partners in a safe and secure community. That being said, there are tons of paperwork and procedure that need to be done beforehand.

    These are important to fulfill as soon as possible as the procedures to be approved can take quite some time. That is why you should always have the necessary files, requirements, and paperwork all signed and filled whenever you need it. And that whole ordeal can be handled entirely by your assigned Hansen Migration agent.

    Family Visa Support

    There are some people that already have a kid prior to the one being of different citizenship. That is not something to be worried about. Once you can prove that the child is legitimately yours and that you and your partner are the rightful parents, the process will be done.

    The only issue here is the long and arduous process of making sure that you have more paperwork done. This is something that can take days of your life to simply claim and get approved. But with a dedicated agent, you can expect these situations to float by just as soon as you have the necessary requirements ready.

    So start moving your partner and children to your destination today without any of the worries. All you need to do now is make sure that you are all packed and set to leave and start your new life abroad.

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    Now get to taste the best wine of all times – Visit the biggest wine festival in Australia today!

    Wine is a drink that only a true classic can enjoy – or so is the saying of people across the globe. Indeed you can have the cheapest of wines at the store, but will it have the quality you desire? If there is a single fragment of doubt in your head, then you probably know the answer. Well, as someone who enjoys the pure taste of wine, would you not want to visit a place where you can meet like-minded people and have the best taste party ever? If yes, then you have to visit the biggest wine festival in Australia today!

    What is this festival?

    A national and annual event, the wine festival is right near you. For the people who enjoy sitting on a couch, listening to some classic jazz, and tasting the best-dated wine, this festival is like a party for you. This event is running across the nation with a tour, keeping in mind all the safety measures and precautions necessary. This way, you get to stay safe and yet have the best time of your life. While you may have several questions in your mind, rest assured as you will love the biggest wine festival in Australia.

    biggest wine festival in Australia

    Why is this the best festival?

    The event is an extravaganza that you cannot deny. Mostly famous for the simulation of taste, sight, and smell, this event will ensure that you enjoy the best of music, dance, and excitement in one go. If that is not all, they are ready to take care of everything. What does that mean? Well, naturally, it can get challenging to travel if you are not from the country. If yes, then why not book a bus for you? The bus will arrive right on time at the stop, and you can hop in to have the wine-extravaganza. The best part is that the tickets are available, and you can book them now! So, when you search for the biggest wine festival in Australia, you will visit the official site, from there, you can book your tickets to the dreamland.

    When will they celebrate the festival?

    The lineup begins in October. So, they have scheduled all the events accordingly. Once you visit the official site, you can undergo every information mentioned along with the entire time-stamp of the events. If there is any confusion, you can contact them and communicate with them immediately. This way, you will not have to worry about anything, and you can focus on the event with all your heart.

    So, why wait? The opportunity is open, so grab your tickets today!

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    COVID-19: What Happens to Your Miles If You Cancel Your Flight Bookings

    The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has affected over a million people across the globe in the last 2-3 months. Without any proven vaccine, the Coronavirus continues to disrupt every walk of human life. Read on to know the cancellation policy for flight bookings done through Air Miles.

    Coronavirus has brought the whole world to a standstill. In the absence of any established medicine and social distancing being the only preventative option, Governments in several countries are using lockdown to contain the spread of the deadly virus. Understandably, cancellation and rescheduling of travel plans of flyers is disrupting the flight services across the globe.

    In these uncertain times, let’s understand how loyalty programs are updating their cancellation policies to adhere to the guidelines of the authorities:

    Cancellation of Flight Bookings Done Through Loyalty Points:

    Several loyalty programs allow you to book flight tickets by redeeming your loyalty points. The cancellation policy of these tickets usually consists of three components:

    1. Airline Fee
    2. Loyalty Redemption Fee
    3. Convenience and Other Charges

    Usually, in case of non-refundable tickets, a flier has to forfeit the loyalty points, taxes, surcharges, airline fees, and other charges. However, for cancellation of refundable tickets, these loyalty programs return loyalty points after deducting a nominal redemption charge per segment.

    Policy Updates Due to COVID-19:

    Due to ongoing nationwide lockdown on domestic and international air travel up to 14th and 30th April, respectively, loyalty programs are letting them cancel the flight bookings by waiving off loyalty redemption fees and other processing fees. Additionally, several airlines have put their efforts in reducing the stress and anxiety of the fliers by updating their cancellation policy:

    Here is a quick summary of the cancellation policy for domestic airlines:

    • Air India: For travel between 23rd March and 30th April 2020, you need not pay any No-Show charges. Additionally, the airline allows you to re-book your flights without paying any charges for changing dates, flights, or routes in domestic as well as international flights.
    • Indigo: Introduces a credit shell against your PNR for flight bookings done up to 30th April 2020. When you cancel your booking, you can create a credit shell that is valid for 1 year from the date of issuance for booking flight tickets.
    • SpiceJet: Apart from waiving off the cancellation fee, SpiceJet allows you to create a credit shell against your travel tickets till 14th April 2020. You can use this credit shell to book tickets for travel on or before 28th February 2021.
    • AirAsia: For flight departures up to 31st May 2020, AirAsia allows you to convert the amount for existing flight booking into a credit account, which you can redeem for a new flight booking within a year.

    As the world takes a unified stand in fighting the novel Coronavirus, loyalty programs are evolving and updating their policies according to the prevailing circumstances. As a dignified customer, it’s your responsibility to be considerate and supportive while communicating with the loyalty program executives for a hassle-free response of your cancellation requests.

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    Guided Tour of Los Angeles for First Time Travelers

    Los Angeles is a city in California. It is the home to some of the most fantastic places in the US, and first-timers may easily get overwhelmed with things to do. There are so many attractions that will pulls and distract guests if they aren’t careful. In this guide, we have outlined 5 must-see places for any first time visitor in the city.

     The Hollywood Sign

    The Hollywood sign is one of the most iconic views of Los Angeles. The sign is recognizable all over the world, and it will be a sin for you to visit Hollywood and not go to it. The Griffith Observatory has an excellent view of both the Hollywood Sign and the city. It will be quite difficult for visitors to get up close with the Hollywood sign because of the private residences that surround the area. The Griffith Observatory is your best bet to view the Hollywood sign in all its glory. You are in luck because the observatory is free to enter and is open 10 am on the weekend and noon on weekdays. For special reasons, the observatory bus closed on Monday and only open Tuesday to Sunday.

    Santa Monica Pier

    The Santa Monica Pier is known as the officially designated endpoint of highway Route 66 (the legendary and popular highway). A sign that marks the end of the road is visible at the edge of the Pacific Ocean in line with the recognition. While on the pier, you can visit the Pacific Park. It is a small amusement park for guests located at the Santa Monica Pier and is easily accessible to all visitors for a fee. If you are up for it, you can visit the park and have a swell and fun time.

    From the pier, you can take a short walk to Third Street Promenade, a shopping mall with a serene and peaceful environment. The pie has been a host to some famous TV stars and characters who have pulled off surprise shows and performances.

     The Bradbury Building

    The Bradbury Building is a central architectural landmark. It was built in 1893, and it still maintains the original designs which were initially used in creating the building. Some of the designs include the original open-caged elevator and various other cast ironworks that are still present today. The building has featured in various movies, television shows, and music videos. One of the most well-known movies the building featured in is the original 1982 Blade Runner Sci-Fi.  You can grab a cup of coffee at the Blue Bottle Coffee shop that is located below the building.


    Disneyland has a bit of a complicated structure in Los Angeles. There are two Disney theme parks in Los Angeles, and they both give it a boost because people love Disney! The first is the Disney amusement park, which was built in 1955 under the watchful eyes of the founder of Disney, Walt Disney. The second is the Disney California Adventure, which was opened in 2001 and spots more modern rides, exciting adventures, and fun for all. You must visit either one or both of these parks if you are visiting LA. You cannot go wrong with Disney.


    Venice Beach Boardwalk

    Venice Beach Boardwalk is a short distance from the canals. You should avoid going during the day to enjoy the cool and fun atmosphere. You can take walks around the area, see the famous Venice Beach sign, and watch people work out in the open. If you are a muscle enthusiast or bodybuilder, you will enjoy the Venice Muscle Beach, where you and your fellow muscle heads can meet and work out. You could also visit the skate bowl and watch skaters perform, and if you feel up to it, you can join in on the action. To crown your day properly, ensure you do not miss the sunset as it is simply amazing.

    Traveling to the United States for the first time?

    If you are visiting the US from a visa-exempt country, you will need to apply for an ESTA visa to get in. The ESTA is a system designed by the government to properly monitor the movement of individuals from countries who are part of the visa waiver program. You can apply for your ESTA online, and a fee will be charged when you submit the form. You are expected to receive a response within 72 hours, but if you don’t, you cancheck ESTA status online. If your application is rejected,

    you can re-apply, but to avoid a rejected application, ensure you have written all your details in the form correctly. If you want to visit the US to ensure you do so by following the due process to prevent any trouble with the law.






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    Café de Barcelona

    Barcelona is such a beautiful city, one that is located northeaster in the country of Spain. It is no wonder people, both locals and tourists, flock the place to be able to get a good feel of it. The city is known for the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia, La Rambla: Barcelona’s Social Hub, Palau de la Música Catalana (Palace of Catalan Music), The Magic Fountain, and the La Barceloneta; those are just a few of them. But did you know that there are even more simple wonders in the city? Did you know that there is also good coffee in Barcelona?

    Yup! That is correct coffee lovers! The coffee in Barcelona is one of the best there is. You would not want to miss out on it. And most definitely, you will be coming back for more.

    good coffee in Barcelona

    Although many people are against coffee, there are also more than a handful of individuals who believe that they are good for the body. Below is a list of health benefits of coffee that coffee lovers will surely agree with. Take it away, coffee lovers!

    • Causes Stimuli and Boosts Energy Levels

    An inhibitory neurotransmitter, which is in your brain, is blocked by the caffeine, thus causing a stimulant effect. Mood and energy are just two aspects that become improved.

    • Fat Burning

    There have been many kinds of research that say caffeine is able to increase the burning of fat, thus, the rate of your metabolism boosts.

    • A Change in Physical Performance

    Adrenaline levels can be increased by caffeine. It can also release the fatty acids that are from your fat tissues. There is also an improvement in physical performance.

    • Has Nutrients

    Nutrients such as magnesium, manganese, niacin, pantothenic acid, potassium, and riboflavin are just some of the nutrients that coffee has.

    • Lower Risk of Diabetes Type 2

    Research says that coffee drinkers’ risk of having type 2 diabetes is much lower.

    • Lowers Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

    Much like the lower risks of diabetes type 2, coffee drinkers also have a lower risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia.

    • Lowers Risk of Parkinson’s

    Again, much like with the previous two, there is a lower chance, up to 60%, for coffee drinkers to have Parkinson’s disease.

    • Liver Protector

    The chances of having cirrhosis are much lower for coffee drinkers.

    • Can Fight Depression and Make You Happier

    The risk of having depression is much lower for coffee drinkers and thus, can make a big change in the suicide rate.

    • Lowers Risk of Certain Cancer Types

    There is a much lower risk for coffee drinkers to have cancer.

    • Contrasts with Popular Belief

    Although coffee causes a mild increase in blood pressure, it will soon go away. This does not mean that coffee drinkers will have a high risk of having heart disease and they also have a slightly lower risk of having a stroke.

    • Longer Life

    Living longer and having a lower risk of premature death is another study shown by several studies.

    • Full of Antioxidants

    Coffee has more antioxidants than fruits and vegetables combined