Why It’s Important to Take First Aid Course?

The most preferred way to learn life-saving skills is through face-to-face training. It gives you an interactive environment in which you can have hands-on experience. Simulation models are used to practice techniques such as choking and unconsciousness. It helps you develop your self-confidence and encourages you to learn faster. You can immediately answer any questions […]

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University of Phoenix’s Brandon Ethridge Advises Students to Start by Taking One Step Forward

University of Phoenix social media community manager and former student academic advisor Brandon Ethridge talks with students and prospective students every day. In his 12 years with University of Phoenix, he’s heard all kinds of stories and reasons for not pursuing a degree. For most people, says Ethridge, it’s that the entire process just seems […]

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How to deal with fractions in Maths?

“Fraction” is the most commonly used term in our daily existence and students regularly perform a variety of operations with respect to fractions in their classroom. In Maths, fractions play an important role as they will appear in many simplification problems. We generally represent the fraction using a circle chart (or pie chart) or bar […]

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