Can Yoga Boost Up Your Immunity Power

With the changing season, our chances of succumbing to illness also heighten. The lowered immunity of our body can no more keep the pathogens at bay as people all around start to cough and sneeze. Whatever be the case, we have to keep on going to work and conduct our daily chores. Thus, it is necessary to strengthen the natural defence mechanism of our body. Medicines such as antibiotics can be of temporary help but won’t be of much use in guaranteeing our immunity in the long run. This is the very reason behind yoga gaining a lot of importance of late as the ultimate time-tested and effective natural immunity booster. The ancient art of yoga relaxes our mind and strengthens the body. Given below are some simple ways in which yoga can bring along holistic health benefits.

  • Pranayama exercises improve efficiency of the lungs and strengthen infection resistance. Alternate nostril breathing, deep breathing and breath of fire ensure optimal functionality of our body by bringing along oxygenated blood its various organs.
  • Inversion poses like that of shoulder stand and headstand aid in the circulation of lymph fluid through our lymphatic system, thus transporting immune cells throughout our body and filtering toxins from the blood and fighting off infection.
  • While we focus on meditation, the boiling up stress which takes a toll on our body and mind diminishes. This aids our body in entering into a positive healing state. Research studies have stated that meditation builds up antibodies which are the natural defense soldiers of our anatomy.
  • You can take your practice outside if the weather permits. This can help you in catching some UV rays which enrich us with Vitamin D, a natural booster for our body.
  • Some yoga poses such as Jathara Parivartanasana and Ardha Matsyendrasana twist our spine and compress our belly. This can be of formidable help in improving poor digestion, which when left untreated, can act as a radar for infection and illness by causes toxin build up in our digestive tract.
  • Neti pot has been used since ages as an Ayurvedic cure from congestion and irritation caused by dry nasal passages. When combined with forward bending yoga’s such as Uttanasana and Adho Mukha Svanasana, it can clear our mucus accumulation. You just need to be careful about using only purified water for undertaking this whole process.
  • When we join yoga classes, we tend to socialize with our fellow classmates and trainers. Research has suggested that the positive interactions in yoga sessions refreshes our mind and improves our immunity.

holistic practice of yoga

The holistic practice of yoga improves the defence mechanism of our body. Lately, the demand for yoga props has undergone a meteoric rise powered by the spread of awareness amongst people that they need to stay healthy for ensuring a happy life. One such prop which is increasingly being used is yoga wheels which has reviewed and you can purchase right away from there. We are surrounded by a large number of toxins and environmental pollutants which constantly inflict damage on our body cells. In such a scenario, yoga paired with a balanced diet and proper lifestyle can be our ultimate salvation towards a healthier tomorrow. So, what are you waiting for? Order your yoga props today and start establishing harmony between your mental and physical wellbeing.