Can We Use Artificial Urine for a Drug Test

Manufacturers of synthetic urine had no idea that this product can help many people to pass drug tests. The primary purpose of the fake pee was for testing and calibrating lab instruments and industrial equipment. However, when people found out about its properties, they start to use it massively as a cheap, practical and, above all, effective tool for passing standard drug tests.

Synthetic urine is obtained by mixing natural components, i.e. water and urea, and chemical compounds. Their purpose is to give this product all the properties of natural urine, but with a single difference. It’s completely clean, with no waste materials, bacteria, or toxins.

Properties of Synthetic Urine

Fake pee is made in laboratories, in appropriate conditions. There are two types of this product we can find on the market – the ready-made, liquid form, or a powder that you prepare according to the given instructions.

In order to get all the properties of natural urine, these mixtures have to contain the optimal amount of uric acid, urea, creatinine, and sulfate. These are substances that give it a characteristic yellow color, but also a relative mass. Even the pH of the artificial urine is the same as in natural pee.

The characteristics of normal urine can be found on this page:

Another important thing about using synthetic urine is the optimal temperature. It is known that the temperature of urine is close to or slightly higher than body temperature. Therefore, it is best to heat the urine by holding it near you.

Take Care of Parameters

You should be careful with parameters from the previous paragraph because every standard drug test will check them. If there are deviations in the pee sample, it’s a high chance that the lab technician will reject it as unreliable. And this brings some doubt to the person doing the drug test. The most common way to overheat is when you use heating pads for too long.

This procedure, known as urinalysis (read more here), examines a sample to find the traces of toxins that prove the use of opiates. Our body absorbs these components into the bloodstream and then secretes through the body fluids. It can take a while, sometimes even a few months, depending on what drug you used, when and to what extent.

Shelf Life and How to Store Artificial Urine

Substances from the artificial urine are not prone to spoiling, but this product, like every other, has a shelf life. Different manufacturers give a different timeframe, but it generally ranges from 18 months up to two years. This relates to unopened packaging and storage following the instructions.

Therefore, you should avoid direct exposure to the sun, high temperatures, and excessive humidity if you plan to buy fake pee just in case. Also, sudden temperature changes can affect the composition of synthetic urine. If overheated, allow it to cool down on the room temperature, without putting it in the freezer. These factors can affect the acidity of false urine (pH value), which will make it lose its properties.

If you open the package, it’s desirable to use synthetic urine as soon as possible. In contact with oxygen, many substances in it dissolve and lose their features. This particularly applies to ready-made urine in bottles. Powdered urine is more resistant to these factors, but you should not keep it in humid places. The best is not to prepare a fake pee unless you plan to use it within the next 24 hours.

Storing of Open Package

Fake piss is a great way to fool urine drug test that is scheduled in the next 24 hours. In this case, you don’t have much time for online purchasing, so if you don’t have one package of synthetic urine in stock, you’ll probably find it in the nearest store.

If you plan to use fake pee tomorrow morning, you can prepare it the night before and leave it overnight in the fridge. Use hermetically sealed bottles so that the urine doesn’t absorb the smells from the freezer. Therefore, this kind of storage is not recommended for long runs. In case you prepare fake urine, but you won’t use it for a while, a better solution is to freeze it. Or just don’t open the package if there is no need.

How to Use Artificial Urine on Drug Test

The easiest way to present fake urine as your own sample is to bring it from home. However, most labs perform supervised tests and use labeled sample cups, so people have come up with a variety of ways to fool the drug test.This 2019 page on using fake urine for a drug test can give you a few ideas how to sneak your fake urine in sampling room.

Keep It Warm

After you have prepared a false pee according to the manual, you should make it a valid sample. The first thing is heating up to the optimum temperature. When you use powdered urine, you can achieve optimal heat with heated water in which you stir the mixture. Then you just have to keep the temperature.

In the package of artificial urine, there are often heating pads or bags that will help you to get the temperature like the real pee. However, if you don’t have these ‘accessories,’ you can use your body as a heater. It’s imperative to keep a bag in which your false urine is close to you, preferably between your legs or under the armpits.

Use Specialized Belt

In the case of supervised urine another test, you will provide the sample on the spot. You have only a few minutes to do it; otherwise, you become suspicious. Synthetic urine belt is a handy thing – you can prepare everything at home, place it around the waist and hide it under the clothes so it doesn’t look odd.

If you are trying to fool the drug test for the first time in this way, practice at home before you go testing. Use water instead of a fake pee. It will take you some time to get in, but once you succeed, you will do it like a pro. Also, it is recommended to examine the artificial urine before you go with one of those home drug tests, just in case.