Business Disputes & Civil Litigation- Sorting It Out From Dan Dekoter Attorney

Among the various types of civil litigation, one of the most complex types is business disputes. It basically deals with unfair competition, breach of contract claims, and trademark and copyright breach. Dan Dekoter Attorney says that business disputes have to be taken very seriously as they can mean serious bankruptcy or financial suffering. To prevent troublesome legal action or prepare for civil litigation, it is vital to know which arguments usually lead to legal action.

Knowing the Complication of Legal Action From Dan DeKoter Attorney

  • Supplier or material disputes can occur when vital supplies you require for your business do not reach as expected or are late. This also takes place when you get the incorrect products.
  • Rental disputes can arise with respect to maintenance, payment, and building developments. Usually, the businesses rent the commercial property of other businesses or an individual in prime locations where their businesses can prosper. Hence, a rental dispute can take place in case a business is forced out of that location.
  • Partner- owner dispute can prevent the business from functioning altogether. The only option that is available to resolve the dispute is to head to the court. In most of the cases, the partner- owner disputes are often complex and require expert legal counsel to determine the best course of action.

  • Employment disputes can also be a part of the business dispute. In case the employee or the business does not hold up their end of the deal, then it can result in litigation. The similar type of disputes can take place between businesses and subcontractors as well. Other types of employee- related claims, such as workers’ compensation or discrimination fall outside of the empire of regular business dispute regulation.
  • In case for your business you are constructing a new location or adding on to your current building, disputes may take place concerning construction. Poor construction and delays can harm your business and you may be able to recover this type of financial harm via civil litigation.
  • Customer or client disputes can at times result in lawsuit. Certain customers or clients may end up disappointed with the products you sell or the services you offer. This is particularly true in large transactions where the customer or client is into another business.

These are some of the most common types of business disputes that can result in civil litigation.

Dan Dekoter Attorney has vast experience in business disputes civil litigation along with personal injury and insurance defense. He also specializes in estate planning and administration and business and employment law. Attorney Daniel DeKoter is a member of DeKoter, Thole & Dawson, PLC, a law firm located in Sibley, IA. As a lawyer in Sibley, Iowa, attorney DeKoter serves Osceola County, as well as clients all through Iowa. He has successfully resolved business disputes for companies and clients of all sizes across a range of commercial contexts and industries. From negotiating out- of- court settlements, to arbitration and mediation to victories on appeal and at trial, he has helped every client to be successful.