Home Improvement

Build and Decorate your house like never before

Build Your Home and Decorate It Your Way 


A recent report published by the National Association of Realtors (‘NARS’) cites that over 700,000 new homes were built in 2017, a third more homes that were constructed in year 2016. At the recent 2017 realtors conference, NARS reported that single-family housing are likely to rise in 2018. This increased living trend is attributable to millennials who want to create a customized living space that addresses their savvy and active lives.

Build Your Own Living Space Options

These living space building options involves homes that include traditional and unique homeowner styles, but with many state-of-the-art decorating ideas. The nation-wide home styles being built include the following:


  • Cottages/bungalows
  • Country
  • Craftsman
  • Mediterranean
  • Modern
  • Ranch
  • Southern
  • Traditional

Another unique home-style added to this list is the innovative ‘small home’ models. Small home kits are available designed for durability, rust resistant, waterproofed, and termite resistant. Small houses are being constructed across the U.S. because more people are enjoying the convenience and freedom of downsizing their lives. Small home kits basically require simply starting with a solid base like a concrete slab, then snap, bolt, and pin together the interlocking pieces and you’re set to go. There are no skimping on decorating ideas even with a small house because they can be designed with state-of-the-art amenities, furnishings, and design products.

Design Your Way

The decorating ideas for newly-built homes involve the following:

  1. Open Plans – open floor plans are a current style for individuals and families. People are enjoying the openness of a room rather than separating rooms into traditional spaces like the living room from the dining room.
  1. Energy Savers – new homes are featuring many energy efficient products that are helping us save money on our utility bills. Building your new home with renewable energy sources is encouraged by construction companies, decorators, and architects.
  1. Technology – the technology available today for existing homes and newly built homes are referred to being used in smart homes. Your refrigerator can tell you when you are low on a food item, your traditional style vacuum cleaner is now wirelessly running around your home, and your security system and temperature system is controlled through your smartphone or laptop.

Adding Your Own Touch

Additional 2018 decorating concepts are all about bright interior colors and fabric trends in pillows, bedding, furnishings, and more. Modern trends are designed to reflect our oneness with nature and introducing harmony into our lives and our community. Today’s fabric textures are eco-friendly and denote comfort. Today’s open space design twists is about beauty, quality, and affordability. Coloring in 2018 involves blending shades like greens, browns with earthy colors like deep reds, soft orange, and yellows.

How about incorporating metallic interior coloring features like bronze, copper, and greys, which opens a room and gives the room more warmth and a chicness. Building your new home, no matter they size or style you choose is always enhanced with simple lines and shapes. Constructive lines, clean lines, and geometric designs with just the slightest curving angles are considered the popular minimalist styling option. Architects and home designers encourage new homeowners to incorporate these feature into their schematics for a luxury look that is also a durable option.

How To Afford Home Improvements

As a new home builder and owner, you are concerned about how to afford these decorating enhancements.Home improvement financing with Property Assessed Clean Energy (‘PACE’) is helping property owners make energy efficient improvements with a unique financing option.

PACE is a U.S. Department of Energy program that is available to private property owners to reinforce their homes with products that support renewable energy options and to lower the Earth’s carbon footprint. In building your new home PACE pays for your energy efficient products. You, as a homeowner will then repay the financed amount, but you have time in which to repay it. If you are including the following elements to your new home, you are eligible for PACE financing:

  • Solar panels
  • Efficiency heating/cooling systems and ductwork
  • LED lighting controls
  • Energy-efficient Insulation
  • Disaster proof improvements like stormproof windows, seismic retrofits, etc.
  • Installation of water efficient products


When you build your own home, you customize it with details that are important to your lifestyle. It is fun and exciting to choose your own layout options with great finishes, color options, and construction materials. When you build your own home, you don’t have to worry about whether you are part of the ‘green’ environment, because everything today is designed to respect Mother Earth and the air we breathe.

Whatever contractor you choose or whether you have the skills to work on your new home yourself, your windows, doors, walls, flooring, etc. will be a higher grade of insulation and are energy-efficient. If you build, you are not straddled with upgrading or improving an existing home with the required new ‘green’ products.

Also, building your new home is a future investment in selling it. According to the National Home Builders Association, homes built with efficiency features is in great demand.