Bruce Weber On Selling Photos To Top Magazines 

Bruce Weber On Selling Photos To Top Magazines 

Who does not want to sell photos to magazines? Every photographer dreams of getting featured in magazines for better exposure. However, it is not easy to get picked by a magazine with a wide reader base. For this reason, aspiring photographers usually back out from trying which is not a good idea as a magazine feature can elate someone to the elite class of the photography industry. Despite the hardship, one must keep trying to sell photos to magazines. Now, the question is – how. If one does not have any idea about how the magazine industry works, one will not be able to break into this industry. Veteran photographers with exposure to famous magazines can offer guidance in this.

Bruce Weber On Magazine Photography

Bruce Weber has a long career as a photographer. He has gained his reputation for being a creative photographer who tells a story. His diverse career offers a plethora of shades. Bruce has not only worked as a photographer in his life. He has experience working as a basketball coach for Kansas State as well. However, Bruce has resigned as a basketball coach and now focuses solely on photography.

Bruce has written a few books on photography. One will find these books helpful to learn about the art of photography and the photography industry. During his long career, Bruce has been featured in several magazines. He knows the art of selling photographs to magazines. Those who are struggling to sell their photos to magazines can seek help from Bruce’s guidelines.

Bruce Weber On Selling Photos To Top Magazines 

Selling Photos To Magazine

Bruce is an ardent supporter of storytelling. He says that even though one is capturing photos, one should try to tell stories through each photo. Without a touch of storytelling, photos lose their appeal. Magazines with a wide reader base focus on storytelling through photos. Therefore, an aspiring photographer needs to pay attention to the storytelling aspect of a photograph. What story does this photo tell? This question can add a deeper meaning to an ordinary photo. So, those who want to break into the magazine industry should keep an eye on stories rather than on subjects. Once someone learns to tell stories through photos, one will be able to take photos that may get picked by magazines.

Selecting The Spot

No one looks at the subject of a photo only. Everyone looks at the background along with the subjects. Therefore, background selection becomes an essential job when it comes to photography for a magazine. One does not have to go to exotic beaches to take photos. A photograph of a simple street buzzing with an office-going crowd can tell a compelling story as well. So, the journey should begin by selecting a spot.

Selecting The Subject

After the spot, the next essential element of a photograph is the subject. So, one needs to pick the subject of a photo. Even if someone is showing everyday haste on a street, one will have to focus on something. In the opinion of Bruce Weber, the skill of a photographer lies in accentuating the subject amidst a sea of other elements. It gives a photographer the creative edge which gets the attention of the big magazines.