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Boho Chic Do’s and Don’ts

Boho chic style has been making the rounds within the fashion industry. It comes back every few years, and every time it does we love it even more than we did previously. Boho is set by guidelines that define the style overall, identifiable fashion traits make this style easy to pick out in a crowd and will definitely make the wearer turn heads.

If you’re new to this style and are eager to dress to impress, here are some simple do’s and don’ts which can be followed to achieve an effortless boho chic look.

Do Layer Your Clothing 

Layering is a must with this style. Whether it be with your clothes or accessories, you want to look like you’ve just effortlessly thrown your outfit together without much thought.

Don’t Wear Clothing That Is Too Big  

Yes this style calls for layering, but that doesn’t mean wearing clothes that are too big for your frame. All that will do is make you look bigger and with no shape. Having said that, for oversized pieces a belt can do a lot to make you look more stylish.

Do Wear Colours 

Boho chic is about fun and bright colours, so don’t be afraid to mix and match your pieces to create a colourful look. Patterns should also be embraced as it can be an easy way to incorporate colour into your look, and be bold enough to wear opposing colours to create contrast.

Don’t Wear More Than Four Colours 

This is a basic rule for any fashion, but especially in a style where colours are embraced and encouraged. Wearing more than four colours can crowd your look and end up making you look messy and like you tried too hard.

fashion wearing

Do Play with Accessories  

Boho chic jewellery is primarily characterised by dainty pieces, little jewels and minimalist influences. Jewellery stores like By Charlotte specialise in small pieces that are primarily gold in colour, with thin chains and lightweight pendants which are adorned with minimal jewels.

Small jewellery also make it easy to layer pieces together without it looking overcrowded and heavy.

Don’t Go Overboard with Jewellery 

As with everything else in fashion, layering must be done with caution. If you decide to go with a statement piece, then wear it on it’s own instead of attempting to layer it with other jewellery pieces. Dainty pieces will be lost against the bigger pieces, whereas more than one statement pieces will overtake your look and make it look messy.

Do Be Individual and Unique 

When trying to dress in any style it can be hard to implement your own style and personality into your outfits, especially in a style like boho chic where the fashion is defined by certain characteristics. But don’t be afraid to stray away from some details as these are guidelines rather than rules and make it your own!