Bicycle Gears For Big Riders

Bicycle Gears For Big Riders

In reality, all the bike gears are not needed to use. But, if you have multiple gears, it helps in some ways such as:

  • easy pedaling
  • increasing speed
  • tackle all terrains

Gear up and get a good ride

You can use bicycle equipment and gear efficiently when you are well-oriented with the number of gears and shifters of your bike. A multiple-geared bicycle has left shifter control that controls the front gear while the right shifter controls the rear. Higher gears need more resistance on the pedals. But, when pedaling on a flat road, it goes faster without much energy to attain speed. But, it might be difficult on a steep climb using high gear, it can strain your leg muscles. On the other side, the lower gears, a bike is easier to pedal, making the bike goes faster. But, pedaling fast using a lower gear for increasing acceleration is easily tiring. However, when a lower gear is used on an uphill climb, it is easy to pedal going up. Even in this situation, the ride will be a bit slow. It is ideal to use the following:

  1. For steep hills use front gear in #1.
  2. For slightly elevated terrain or flat ground use # 2.
  3. To go downhill use #3.

bicycle equipment and gear

Front gears must be in combination with the back gears. The experts advised the cyclists when going uphill, they must have a good combination of front gear.

Right bicycle gear

The importance of bicycling must be assured, there is nothing more important than safety. It is important to make use of the bicycling gears and know the types to maintain safety. The bicycle gear will not just keep you safe but makes your entire experience of cycling more enjoyable. Here are the following things that you can use:

  • Cycling glasses. The main purpose of wearing cycling glasses is for eye protection from the sun and debris. Also, there might be flying insects that may come across your way.
  • Cycling jacket. Jacket for cyclers is not that necessary during the summer months. But if you feel that it is more enjoyable to cycle in the rain or snow, wearing a cycling jacket can be helpful. It keeps the moisture out and provides proper ventilation for the skin to breathe comfortably.
  • Cycling tights. The main purpose of this gear helps regulate the cycler’s body temperature. It allows proper perspiration that keeps the body from overheating while on the trip. It can also reduce wind resistance.