Best Options For Ehs Software

Best Options For Ehs Software

What is an EHS software?

Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) software is a technology used by a lot of companies for automating safety program management and to manage the company’s corporate sustainability. They are used to save time, minimize risk and prevent unwanted illnesses, injuries and environmental hazards. These services are usually provided by a third-party company and it helps in promoting a safer environment.

This software collects all data, tasks and documents in a centralized database by taking information from the finances and other production inventories of a company. This data is combined to calculate and display a company’s performance in real time to all its employees. The built-in technology of this program makes it an is an efficient method of understanding a firm’s performance trends. EHS software deals with a number of areas related to health, environment and safety. This includes safety and the needs of workers in environmentally hazardous places such as  in the case of chemical spills and air pollution. Health factors include protection from various illnesses, pathogens and harmful radiations. And also involves protection from all workplace accidents and injuries.

Why is it needed?

It is an important aspect for a company in order to have all its data, activities and information in one place, rather than being chaotically distributed among different categories like spreadsheets, paper records and other documents. This makes it easy to analyze all this data and ultimately convert them according to the trends.

This information can then be remotely accessed from anywhere through EHS mobile apps that make communication easier between top management officials and their employees. Some common features of EHS include:

  1. Health Management
  2. Safety Management
  3. Risk Assessment
  4. Data Quality Check
  5. Action Plan Creation

Benefits of EHS.

  • EHS software ensures sustainability and provides safety to all the workers of a company. In simple terms, it has helped a lot of lives from hazardous situations.
  • It is also beneficial for data collection and its accessibility. It stores all the data and information securely in case of any incident to support the company’s claims
  • The mobile applications also allow data entry easily from any and all locations remotely.
  • EHS also ensures better quality of data and its consistency. This helps in making smarter decisions because it encourages transparency across sites, incident types, root cause, and more.
  • It also helps in boosting the workers morale and builds a comfortable environment because of the easy access between employee and its employers.
  • It creates a systematic approach to energy and resource conservation, recycling an other environmental concerns.
  • When a company’s injury rate is maintained and controlled in this manner, it ensures higher profit. Minimum injuries boosts higher productivity and increases the profit margin.

Top 10 EHS software options for 2020:

Here are some of the best EHS software options in the market in 2020 that are highly popular.

  1. GenSuite
  2. SafetySync
  3. SHEQX
  4. MyEasyISO
  5. SiteDocs
  6. Assignar
  7. Wellsite Report
  8. DoneSafe
  9. Certainty Software
  10. IsoMetrix