Best Online CRM Software 2017

Customer relationship management systems are tools to manage the interaction of companies with their clients, to regulate the relationship with customers, to optimize the overall workflow and manage the processes. The concept of CRM itself was introduced in the 1970s, and it continues to develop even more in our modern world of technological innovations. One could never imagine that a single system could solve so many business issues and give answers to important questions, but CRM systems have already proven that it’s not only possible but also it’s the only secure and affordable way to manage your business and grow it.

The development of customer relationship management systems continues, and new features and tools are introduced every day, as the technology grows and develops, new trends and vendors appear, and this circle goes on and on. This development and the number of companies providing CRM services make our choice more affordable, and the chances to choose the best are really high. But this also results in the need of doing a good research; you need to compare all these systems in order not to make a wrong decision and lose both money and time. That’s what our staff was working for several months to make your work easier. We have compiled a list of online CRM systems for you to consider while choosing one. There is no time to hesitate, choose the best vendor and welcome to the bright future of your business.

№1: bpm’online

The first place is firmly held by this CRM vendor. Bpm’online is an online CRM system implemented by millions of users worldwide and recognized by key industry experts, visit this link to learn more. This all-in-one solution is a perfect choice if you want to grow your unique business. This system has every feature and tool to help you manage your business processes as well as relationship with your customers, both current and future ones. People use this CRM software to automate their marketing, boost sales and improve the provided service. The system is considered the number one, as it has many advantages and benefits as compared to others, among them are affordability, reliability, excellent data protection, integration with various systems, productivity and efficiency, customization tools and opportunities, security of information systems and much more. More and more companies prefer to choose this tool as it has all the features one may need for specific business needs.

№2: Zoho CRM

The second place is held by another good system with excellent features – Zoho CRM. Zoho comprises thousands of great features, tools and apps into a single platform and gives an exclusive opportunity to align them or use separately to reach your goals in a more effective and easier way. One of its greatest advantages is that it’s multichannel, which gives a chance to always be in touch with your customers and keep them updated. This system is also distinguished by its features and tools for management, gamification, analytics, automation, integrations, customization and so on and so forth. Zoho’s integration opportunities with various systems and platforms enable to not only be in the center of events and trends, but also are a perfect way to take your business to the next level.

№3: Pipedrive

The third place is held by another productive CRM software called Pipedrive. This tool is definitely one of the best ones when it comes to customer relationship management and especially to sales management. This system is used by more than 50.000 companies and teams worldwide, and this number proves the fact that having an excellent system which helps to boost your company sales is the best way to grow your business and gain more customers. This online CRM system is a perfect tool to track your sales activities, manage your leads and the relationship with them, keep data secure and have control over it 24 hours a day, keep focus on future customers and take every step to close your deals successfully.

№4: Platformax

The fourth place is held by Platformax. This CRM system allows you to organize your management and sales processes more effectively and helps save time and financial means. With this customer relationship management tool, your team will reach greater productivity and more efficient sales, marketing, activity and appointment management, as well as lead and contact management. Platformax has many exclusive advantages and features that include user-friendly interface, simplicity, tracking and analytics opportunities as well as unique opportunities to organize your campaigns, process automation and management more productively than ever before. In a word, this system has all the features your team needs to track leads and grow the company’s sales volume.