Best Mattress for Heavy People

When searching for a brand-new mattress, there can be a lot of elements that seem to make complex points, however your weight shouldn’t be among them. In many cases, theĀ  best mattress for heavy people tend to have a lot of the very same qualities of an excellent mattress for thinner people as well. Nonetheless, there are various functionality and style requires that a mattress should have in order to supply an ideal sleeping experience for much heavier, overweight, and larger than ordinary sleepers.

Best mattress for heavy people, Large, AND OVERWEIGHT PEOPLE

There are a great deal of quality mattresses out there that are fantastic for a much heavier sleeper– however some people locate it valuable for a short list. Therefore below are several of my preferred mattresses for heavy individuals, though note this checklist is not extensive, and normally shows a few of my own predispositions and choices. So the leading picks:

– Heavy Back and Side Sleepers: WinkBeds Plus
– Designed for Heavy Sleepers: Big Fig
– Hybrid: DreamCloud
– Budget: GhostBed
– Heavy Couples: Casper Wave


WinkBeds Plus is an innerspring mattress made specifically for heavy sleepers– especially with back and side sleepers in mind.

The mattress features all kind of reinforcement to ensure the mattress is both comfy for hefty sleepers in addition to durable.

The extra little bit of foam on top provides it a nice plush feel at first, assisting reduce those pressure points and offer a comfortable sleeping experience. Discover more in our full WinkBeds Plus evaluation.

Large Fig is particularly designed for heavy sleepers– they’re the only site (to my expertise) that in fact include bigger people on the website! The group is laser concentrated on this group– and it shows, with a mattress that is clearly among the toughest on the market, rated for approximately 500 pound people or 1000 pound couples.

The Big Fig also has a foundation add-on that gives added support. Though the foundation makes the bed very high, it most definitely has the look and feel of a mattress that can support the heaviest of us. Learn more in my full Big Fig evaluation

Hybrids have recently begun popping up in the marketplace and much of them could be taken into consideration excellent alternatives for heavy people. From all of these entrants in the marketplace the DreamCloud really sticks out due to its high quality materials and strong building.

The DreamCloud is a little bit on the firmer side, which is good for hefty sleepers as it offers a bit extra assistance. I would certainly also prefer to mention the edge support layer, which makes the bed feel a bit larger by permitting sleepers to lay pleasantly completely to the edge of the bed. You can review my full testimonial of the DreamCloud to find out more.


The Casper Wave is the top of the line mattress from Casper, which also has the Casper and the Casper Essential.

The Casper Wave has 5 top quality layers of foam with zoned building to supply different degrees of support along your body as you lay on the mattress.

Along with supplying excellent support and comfort for any sized sleeper– the Casper Wave is all foam, and carried out extremely well on our activity transfer test, making it an excellent alternative for couples. Learn more regarding this luxury mattress in our full Casper Wave testimonial.