Benefits of USB rechargeable cigarette lighter

If you are a smoker, you might have found yourself surrounded by multiple accessories and devices to make the moment of smoking more entertaining or fun. There are different boxes to keep your cigarettes in a dry and safe place so that they don’t bend or break, special containers so that cigarettes keep their aroma intact and much more. Nowadays, there are plenty of products that smokers can choose from and have an improved smoking experience; flameless rechargeable lighters are part of them.

What is a flameless lighter?

It may sound like a surprise or a joke, how can a lighter be flameless? Well, the answer lies in the power battery that is held inside and that produces enough power to create a small arc of energy that goes from one side of the lighter to the other creating a glowing arc that will light your cigarette in no time.

Some flameless lighter have dual arcs, and when they are lit, they produce a very cool glowing x in the middle. This X will start the fire of your cigarette, cigar or wood piece for the campfire.

Benefits of using rechargeable cigarette lighters

Flavors stay the same

Many people agreed on this. Since rechargeable lighters do not use any kind of fuel, they do not interfere with the flavor of the cigarette or cigar itself. In many occasions, the use of toxic fuels left a weird taste in the cigarette when they start combustion. This is the reason some people prefer to use traditional matches to light their cigarettes, but imagine trying to use them in the middle of a very windy afternoon!


Battery operated lighters produce a very different kind of power, this is not interrupted by wind or rain since it is pure electricity glowing through the space provided in the lighter. This means that even in the windiest of days you are going to be able to light your cigarette and have a pleasant smoke. This is also very useful for people who love going outdoors and enjoy camping and trekking. It can come in handy to have a lighter that will work no matter what weather conditions you find in nature.

Recharge at home, and you’re set

The use of a USB cable can recharge flameless lighters; as simple as that. This is one of the greatest benefits you can get when purchasing this type of lighter. The use of rechargeable batteries stops you from filling and refilling your traditional lighter with toxic fuels, and you won’t also need to worry about it spilling or evaporating because of improper storage.

When you buy a flameless lighter it comes with all the accessories necessary for its operation; if you purchase, for instance Back in black ECO lighter bundles, they are going to bring what you need to get ready and start using your equipment immediately. Sizes and color can vary to adjust to your preferences and style so that your lighter matches your taste.

Comfortable and light

This is another very important advantage; rechargeable lighters are not heavy. They don’t have to have big containers to store fuel and therefore can be designed with small attractive designs that will perfectly suit your pocket or purse. They also have a protective cap that will prevent the lighter from being on when it is stored in our bag or a pocket.

Rechargeable is Eco-friendly

Every year, millions of disposable lighter end up in the garbage. They are made with pieces from multiple materials, so recycling is not an easy task, and in many countries, garbage is not divided according to the material that is going to be recovered so these lighters end up directly in nature just polluting it. Besides this, the combustion of the fuel used in traditional lighters is also contributing to pollution in general. By using electric rechargeable lighter, the lifespan of the product is multiplied, and there is no emission of toxic gas. So you are saving the planet one more worry regarding pollution.

USB rechargeable lighter can present many benefits for consumers, and the best part is that nowadays the offer is ample and everyone can choose the one that best suits their need and interest.