Australian Gin The Best Six You Should Try

Australian Gin: The Best Six You Should Try

There are so many Australian gins on the market. It would not be surprising if you are unable to differentiate orris from angelica root. Some people even have difficulties choosing between tonic and soda. Almost every Australian gin distillery offers seasonal limited releases and barrel-aged samples. If you want to try Australian gin but have no idea where to start, here are some of the best.

78 Degrees Small Batch Gin

A lot of people consider this spirit as the best the country has to offer when it comes to gin. With an alcohol content of 42% ABV, it is the premiere release from the Adelaide Hills Distillery. Distilled in the South Australian highlands, it won a silver medal in 2020. It was at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. At about $82, this gin is worth every penny.

Süd Polaire Expedition Strength

It is usually at around $125, and it comes from a triple-distilled wine spirit. It is then vapor-infused with ten organic botanicals, spice, and Tasmanian rainwater. Made from one of the cleanest water in the world, this is about as clean as gins come. The 57% ABV is not a joke. With a little dilution, it could be a serious intoxicating drink. A good way to have this spirit is by shaking it into a very cold Martini or a Vesper.

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Brookie’s Byron Dry Gin

This is a high-ABV product made at Cape Byron Distillery. It sits at 46%, so enjoying it on its own will let you appreciate the subtleties. You can also try it in a Southside cocktail. This spirit has the unusual addition of scavenged botanicals from the Daintree rainforest. It makes this seasonal product a reason to keep coming back and try again. You can have this for about $75.

Poor Tom’s Gin

This Sydney dry gin is very floral; you can even use it as a perfume. Most first-timers start with this spirit which you can get at $70 AUD. It has a fresh fruity aroma with a bit sweeter front palate. The heavy influence of strawberries makes it perfect for any drink combination. Adding a bit of soda and fresh fruit is ideal for this 41.3% ABV spirit.

McHenry’s Classic Dry Gin

This simple and iconic Australian gin has all the elements to be a great London Dry with a subtle Aussie twinge. Based on a traditional London dry gin and distilled in Tasmania with 40% ABV, you can get McHenry’s Classic at $82.

Hobart No. 4

Sullivan’s Cove makes their products from a copper pot still. Made in batches, this spirit features four Australian botanicals. These are lemon myrtle, wattleseed, anise myrtle, and lanceolata. With 44% ABV, drinking this neat would be great. Mixing it into something with character and depth, such as a Martinez, would be even greater. It is available at $95 AUD.