Are you sure you know everything about a potential boob job?

As per statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, augmentation of breasts is the most common cosmetic surgery procedures that are ever done by women. These days, too many women are not satisfied with their bodies and they strive to be someone else, someone with a better body and with a better shape. This is when they think of going under the knife to make the size of their breasts perfect according to their dream.

But before you take the plunge into the bandwagon, there are few things that you should know on such surgeries. What are they? Check them out.

#1: The first surgery is never going to be your last one

Reports reveal that around 25% of women will certainly need one more surgery once they cross 10 years as implants aren’t going to last for a long time. The silicone implant that is inserted might start leaking with time or it could leave back a scar all over it, thereby damaging the shape and forcing you to opt for new implants. Pregnancy, weight loss, and alteration in preference are few other factors which could make the patient opt for another surgery.

#2: Patients will need 5-7 days off from work due to breast augmentation

No, that doesn’t mean that you will feel totally fine after a week but you will certainly be in good shape to get back to office provided your job doesn’t need manual labor. In case the plant is placed behind a muscle rather than the tip, you might take a longer time to recover and you can sore longer.

#3: Breasts with plants feel different when touched than normal breasts

Though it is said that silicone breasts can feel almost similar to the real ones, they will ultimately be man-made and hence will be slightly different. You can spot the difference between silicone implants and the real ones especially when you notice a woman who begun with smaller breast tissues than a woman who started off with more breast tissues. To know more on breast augmentation, you may check

#4: Sensation of nipples might be lost post surgery

You may face a loss of sensation in the nipples once you undergo the breast implantation surgery. However, the shape of the breasts and the type of surgery will also decide whether or not the sensation of the nipples will be lost. Nevertheless, they will still respond to stimulation and cold.

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So, if you’re not satisfied with the size of your boobs, you can get a boob-job done from the best cosmetic surgeon you know.