APT Mold – What is Rapid Prototyping and Why Do You Need it as a Manufacturer?

You need to learn about rapid prototyping fast, and we at APT Mold are here to deliver the information to you in the most accessible way. Let’s begin with the basics: the process is one of the most multifunctional approaches to design and development that can be worked multiples times for evaluation purposes. Simply put: it’s the way to create a working prototype of a product of a part in a scaled down model that allows for multiple revisions and offers a general understanding of the original design while giving room for improvement. Since it’s meant to be functional, it makes easier the feedback process between the client and the manufacturer handling the product.

The Mechanics Behind rapid Prototyping

In APT Mold the main component making rapid prototyping such an approachable business model is technology. Long gone are the waiting periods where you had to wait for a manual sculptor to craft a working prototype. And also long gone are the expenses related to it. Rapid prototyping is a crafting procedure managed by computer software and 3D design programs along 3D printing technology- Wherever a classic prototype used to take months to be created now it takes hours or a couple of days given the complexity of the project. The inclusion of technology has brought a number of advantages to this field such as:

Increased Creativity

Our designers and technicians now have more room to think creatively and take the time to examine your base design to see room for improvement. The wait time to get a prototype ready gives them the chance to make all the necessary revisions based on your suggestion or by adopting the ones offered by them and test out the performance of your part, component or product.

Efficient Communication

Technology also helps to keep clients informed at all moments about the stages of advancement of their projects. Since APT Mold looks forward to keeping their customers aware at all moments of how the tiniest change on their designs can affect the overall performance of their planned products, we do our best to keep open channels of communication at all moments.

Flexibility Leading to Betterment

One of the most inviting features of rapid prototyping is the fact that is a real cost effective method of testing out a prototype by trial and error. Customers no longer have to be afraid of making a mistake with their design. The flexibility offered by the software and the cheap materials used to cast out a prototype on 3D printers will not have a significant impact on the final budget. You can do as many revisions as you need until the product is just right and in accordance with your expectations.

It complements Traditional Design

Contrary to expectations rapid prototyping doesn’t go away completely with traditional design. Our clients can come to us with an idea on a little scrap of paper, and we can help them give them some shape using traditional tools before inputting all that information into our specialized software. It will help us have a clear idea of the client’s expectations, and we’ll have more information to work with.