Anouk Govil: The Passionate Kayaker Throws Some Light On the Interesting Sports

As per historical sources, it is over the centuries that varieties of kayaks have been used by Aleut and Inuit people living around Bering Sea, Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Oceans and North Pacific area. You must be aware that inhabitants of Northern American and North part of Russia and Greenland used to go for hunting and fishing on kayaks in the summer times. Typically, these kayaks were made out of whale bones or hard timber covering them with the flexible skins of seals. Living in Ventura, California Anouk Govil an immense enthusiast of kayak outdoor events says that aside from recreational purpose kayaks are also widely used for fishing and touring these days.

Anouk Govil at her 20s loves enjoying the essence of ‘life’ at its best whereas the awe-inspiring beach lifestyle that she has experienced from her childhood days has  added the extra color, sparkle and vitality to this student of Biology studying in California State University. She is a great hobbyist of kayaking, fishing and surfing. Right from her early days, she is fond of spending time on sea beach together with her family members and almost all water games offers her spirit and energy to remain activated. As per Anouk that for beginners intended to go out for kayaking, necessary training is a must and instead of spending huge money for buying kayak it would the best choice to get it on rentals.


How Anouk Govil Finds Kayaking An Entire World In Itself?

You can find numerous kayak shops that specialize in selling and renting kayaks. The experienced shopkeepers can be a great source for you to get varieties of guidelines or information about trainers. Typically, the most challenging part of kayaking is the time when you need turning back and this time, sudden flipping of the boat is a very common experience especially for learners. Once you become an expert and desirous to make it a leisure time activity, you can buy your most favorite kayak and can also customize it as per your choice.

Whether you rent or buy a kayak for entertainment or fishing, you must be caring to some factors when it comes to the specs of your kayak.

Length/ Width/ Weight

The foremost considering factor is the size of your kayak in terms of its length and width, while considering the weight also matters. For beginners planning to go for fishing or enjoying an open water event, the best option is choosing a kayak which has enough width rather than length. A better width offers you better balancing.

Sit on Top / Sit in Type

When it comes to kayak fishing, not only novice anglers, but those who have long experience even prefer getting sit on top arrangements since that offers more stability even when they stand for  fishing. These kayaks provide extra room to have best fishing experience. Kayaks are also available with sit-in type which is good entertaining and fishing.

Water body and location

This is very vital considering point for kayakers to choose the right water bodies depending on their ability and expertise to deal with water bodies with high current or tides. According to Anouk Govil, those who are intended to enjoy a relaxing kayak experience, serene water bodies like lake is the right choice for them.