A1 level in qualification exams in English

All you want to know about A1 level in qualification exams in English

The European Council has set up some standards to determine a person’s proficiency level over the English language. A1 level is the first step, to begin with, a person who doesn’t have any prior knowledge about the language and just started learning this language is at this stage. To check a person’s command over the language the many levels of the test were conducted, the initial level is a1 English testWe are going to discuss what this a1 level skill is? And what you can do with this level?

Know what you can do with an A1 level in English?

As a beginner level, it would be sufficient for very simple interactions, and you need not be worried when you are planning for a trip to an English-speaking country. For academic or professional purposes, this A1 level certification is not sufficient. You can at least have a slight confident level, but this level wouldn’t be more sufficient for writing or academic purpose.

According to the official CEFR guidelines, a person who is at the A1 level in English:

  1. Will understand everyday expressions and very basic phrases
  2. Able to introduce themselves
  3. They can question and answers basic things about them, where they live, and the things they know.
  4. They can understand what a person speaks when the opposite one speaks slowly and calmly. You can even interact with them.

english skills

A1 level English skills in detail

When we speak about these skills in detail, we are breaking it down to be clearer, so you eventually understand what is your language proficiency. This can further assist you in how you can proceed with further steps or levels and for now, you can pass the a1 English test.

  • They can introduce themselves to basic greetings.
  • Can tell where they are from and even describe their city
  • Using simple talk they can describe their family and colleagues’, their personalities, and also their appearance.
  • Can communicate about clothing at a basic level and ask salesclerks simple questions
  • Can make simple food orders
  • Can arrange meetings with friends and colleagues
  • Can discuss weather conditions by listening to the weather reports
  • Describe the common medical symptoms to a doctor
  • Can give simple direction instruction to reach their home
  • Can do basic transactions(check-in & Check-out) at hotels
  • Comfortable with the basic purchase and returns
  • They can able to do basic purchases and return the items which are damaged
  • Make plans with their friends

You can assess these things and self-check yourself for your language proficiency.

Final words:

If you feel like you are okay with this level you can start proceeding to the next level – A2. Or if you feel you need to have some strong basics on this a1 level, then you can take some short term courses of 60 to 80 hours to improve your basics, this can help you to have a strong foundation.