All You Need To Know About Australian Permanent Residency

What do you mean by Australian Permanent Residency?

Permanent residency or PR is a part of Australian visa. It gives a complete advantage of housing, work, investment, business and education in the country. PR status is meant for different reasons for different people. However, getting the visa and permanent residency status needs lots of planning.

If you need an advice, you can contact the government departments. The office offers Australian permanent residency visa services to the people.

Types of Permanent Resident Visas in Australia

Subclass 888

  1. Australian permanent residency with Business innovation and investment visa
  2. People who want invest in companies in Australia can apply for visa 888. It also includes shifting business to Australia. This visa is available for special cases only.
  3. The need is to maintain business activity for 4 years. It also involves investing in the same country. Business success is an important need for getting this visa. Investment immigration gets completed once the aspirant receives visa 888.

Subclass 820 and 801

  1. Australian Permanent Residency through Onshore Provisional Partner Visa
  2. If a foreigner staying in Australia has a spouse, they are eligible for the permanent status. The PR is available via two stages. At stage 1, the partner gets a temporary visa under subclass 820. This is available for a stay of 2 years. Moreover, if the relationship has a future, then the issue of permanent visa takes place. Subclass 801 offers a visa to foreigners.

Subclass 132

  1. Australian permanent residency with business talent visa
  2. A businessperson can apply for a permanent visa if they want to set up their business in Australia.
  3. This visa is made for businesspersons and popular personalities.
  4. It is best suitable for people who want to start multinational corporations. The talent visa needs compulsory government sponsorship.
  5. The people who have this visa can bring their families and relatives to the country. They can also bring their net assets with them to Australia. Under this visa, one can receive permanent status and business through two ways:
  • Through significant business scheme
  • Through venture capital scheme getting funds from Australian Venture Capital Association Limited (AVCAL)

Subclass 186

  1. Australian permanent residency with Employer nomination Visa scheme.
  2. This visa is for an Australian employer who wishes to hire any foreign talent. Such foreigner should have outstanding skills.
  3. A provision of employer-sponsored visa is also available. This visa is given to the skilled employee.
  4. Under subclass 186, the employer offers permanent status to the employee. The conditions laid are as follows:
  • Foreign people working with Australian employers can apply for housing under subclass 186. These workers need to have labor agreement with the employer.
  • Foreigners who have never worked in Australia can apply for visa and PR too. People who wish to do business with any Australian company can also apply.
  • Temporary residents who have been working in Australia for 2 years and more can choose this visa. To get a permanent resident visa for Australia, an employee must have job documents.

Thus, the government of Australia has specially designed these parts of visa to suit the purposes of people. For example Tour visas are for people who are visiting Australia for fun reasons.