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Air Conditioner: Keep calm and stay cool this summer

Tame the ultimate comfort this summer in a super cool way. Get rid of all those sleepless nights due to hot and humid temperature. Buy Air Conditioner for your office or home and get relief from terrible heat. Today the market is full of various types of air conditioners:

Out of which split and window Air Conditioners are popular. Most of us are familiar with these types as they are used in offices and commercial places as well.

If you are planning to buy new AC, here is a list of top 5 brands of Air Conditioners that will provide you with ultimate comfort.

Voltas: Voltas is one of the leading Air Conditioner providers in India. Voltas Air Conditioners cater every kind of interior and other essential requirements. You can select from a wide range of Voltas AC’s available today. Along with basic features like auto swing and sleep timers Volta’s Air Conditioners comes with modernistic design, anti fungal and anti bacterial cleaning, beautiful designs, colors, backlit LED etc. So, this summer no need to adjust with unbearable summer, just buy reliable Air Conditioner like Voltas for your home or work place.

Lloyd: Lloyd is one of the major manufacturers of Air Conditioners now days. Lloyd Windows and split Air conditioners are known for their simplistic designs and ultra modern technologies. There wide range of AC models adds luxury and comfort to your workplace and home. Lloyd Air Conditioners are easily available in market at very affordable prices. All those people who are afraid of their high electricity bills Lloyd Air Conditioners are the best option for them as now you can save up to 30% with Lloyd inverter AC’s.

Air Conditioner

LG: Inspite of being a South Korean company, LG has earned a renowned name in Indian market through its superlative products. LG Air Conditioners are blessings to fight the hot summer effortlessly.  Along with all the basic features LG keeps in mind the importance of your health. Thus, LG Air conditioners eliminate bacteria and fungi in the room and thus keep respiratory diseases at bay.

Samsung: Samsung offers best Air Conditioners in India. Keeping in mind the value for your money Samsung 4 rated and 5 rated AC’s are best that will never affect your budget. Samsung Air conditioners have a smart interface and are equipped with best technology. They have the capability to measure room as well as your body temperature and thus maintain an optimum temperature to keep you comfortable. Their eco friendly options and wide range of models maintains a pleasant environment without actually affecting your pocket.

Hitachi: Hitachi a well known brand that is known worldwide for its innovative technologies. Beat this hot summer with Hitachi Air Conditioners. Keeping in mind the décor of your home Hitachi brings AC’s that are sleek and beautiful in design. The latest 1 and 1.5 ton split AC models from Hitachi have incorporated the futuristic design. Hitachi’s Air conditioners dehumidify the air and eliminates the possibility of formation of molds and keeps the air fresh and clean.