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A Smart Marketer’s Guide to Use Social Networks for Increasing Organic Traffic

Generating heavy organic traffic to a site is always going to be a challenging endeavor for marketers who are not aware of the right place and right time to promote their business. Almost every brand in the world, regardless of its size, invests a lot in social media marketing since it is one of the few places that offer a great opportunity to engage with millions of users. When done properly, there is a high return on investment and definitely allows them to build quality relationships with thousands of loyal customers.

When it comes to obtaining high organic traffic from social media marketing, there are many platforms available on the web that you can use for promoting your business. Take a look at some of the major social networking sites that you can avail for increasing traffic to your site.


Starting off the list with the largest social networking site in the world, Facebook currently holds more than two billion monthly users, making it the ideal platform for beginning your marketing campaign. However, due to the introduction of adverts, the organic reach has somehow reduced, though you can still rely on Facebook groups for sharing your content and engage the users.


Nearing to one billion active users, the number one visual-sharing platform is currently the best platform for increasing website traffic, user engagement, and lead conversions. Thanks to its ever-evolving features like Instagram Stories, you can increase the number of followers by hiring the services of online sources like Gramista. Also, you can insert a link to the content of your story and direct the users to your site conveniently.


Although the organic reach has decreased on Twitter as well in the recent years, it is still a great social media platform for big businesses. You can include industry relevant hashtags in your tweets and use trending conversations for boosting your reach on Twitter.


If you are seeking for a platform that will help you in targeting peers and professional audience, LinkedIn is the place to increase your reach. You can leverage LinkedIn groups for generating organic traffic to your business site.


Pinterest offers you comparatively more organic reach than that of Twitter and Facebook, as every user is able to access your content whether the person follows your account or not. Moreover, Pinterest pins have more visibility on the user feed in contrast to those of tweets and posts on Twitter and Facebook.


The common misconception that prevails among most marketers is that a very few number of people use Google+. However, this is far away from the reality, as the platform has an exceptional value in terms of SEO. Even though you are unable to gain the amount of user engagement that you did on other platforms, Google+ will surely boost your organic search rankings if you are able to optimize it properly.

Concluding Thoughts

Organic traffic comes in handy for brands who do not want an unnecessary expenditure in their marketing campaign. Therefore, use the aforementioned social media platforms and optimize them for increasing reach and user engagement.

Author Bio – Cameron Spencer is a social media analyst who acknowledges the importance of social networking sites in the field of online marketing. He describes different tactics to increase the outreach through credible online sources like Gramista in his blogs.