A Quick Guide To Roof Top Tent Racks Installation

In order to determine the process, you should first determine the weight loading capacity for roof racks. Statistic weight loading capacity and dynamic weight loading capacity are the two most commonly used types. While preferring the roof top tent racks also depends upon the following factors,

  • Never purchase heavy one which is more than the dynamic weight of the roof system.
  • It should also have the capability to withstand a lot of weight.

However, the guide provided will help you to achieve it with safety and security.


There are some interesting features that are associated with the tent racks. So before you could start the actual process go through the features provided by most of them.

  • Pre-drilled spotlight mounts: So it becomes easy for you to identify the place where to drill. However, it becomes very easy for you to look at the holes by using the spotlight mounted on it.
  • Cargo net hooks: In order to exist as well as secure any kind of loads these type of net hooks are mostly preferred. They are giving easy to use and can be operated to carry a huge load at once. By using this shifting of a load from one place to another also becomes quite easy and comfortable.
  • Front & rear antenna mounts: For maintaining the level of efficiency and to reduce the height of the antenna. In fact, manual adjustment is much more difficult when compared with an artificial setup.
  • Front barrier cargo section: While carrying the load this section is mainly used to provide safety to the load.

Steps involved

  1. First, consider the roof type and weight it can handle

The first step is to consider the vehicle along with the tent weight that you would like to place.

  • The weight of the  roof top tent racks is usually 40 to 60 kgs.
  • The weight of it may depend on the manufacturer that you prefer.
  1. Choose the right racks
  • There are different varieties of roof racks that depends upon the crossbar as well as the style in which it is mounted.
  • You have to choose the best one that can easily handle the load on it.
  1. Understand the process to fix it  

In most of the cases, these are used to fit by implementing the roof rack system.

  • Before you can actually purchase it make sure that you purchase it with appropriate measurements.
  • You need to use bolts or at clamps that can easily fit the requirement of pure necessity.
  1. Set up everything properly  
  • The supporting ladders will help you in setting everything perfectly.
  • Proper sitting can help in minimizing the overhanging of the rack because most of the people often commit mistakes with the ladder and structural executions.
  1. Keep all the tools at once place
  • You have to make use of adventure accessories by keeping them handy.

So this will completely help you to understand the overall procedure to easily fit the racks. But before doing this you have to take a lot of research by analyzing and determining every necessity of it. Then you will successfully launch  roof top tent racks  with complete perfection.