A must know for all the Data Science Professionals

We all know that Data is created every second and now it has become the force behind wealth generation. However, the difficult task is to the harness the data and make it reach the destination which is of profit generation and more eyeballs watching your website. But who will handle the harness is the question – will it be the marketing professional who looks after ways to drive the business or data science professionals whose main aim is to convert the data into actionable knowledge. Although there is a huge difference in their job role, somewhere down the line they intersect which creates confusion.  The role of this two personnel often gets inter-linked, which is why we are here to provide with a clarification and all the minute details which marketing professionals should be aware of.

Choose a Goal –  For any firm or individual to succeed, having a pre-defined goal is a must. A goal helps us to identify the problem areas and concentrate on building a holistic approach. A marketing person should understand what they want to target for their website, is it open rate, click rate or something deeper than that which requires help from other departments and operational teams. Once you have decided which factor you want to bank upon, you can move to the next level.

The next level is to determine what is affecting the performance of your plan. No matter if you are well equipped with data and all the relevant tools. But you still have to fine tune some aspects to meet the expectation of the market. When we put science behind data, that clearly indicates the technical aspect which is well formulated and has logical and technical reasoning. It is in here where the role of a data science professional come into force to decipher what the data interprets. They formulate scientific terms and use the mathematical toolset to give the data a language and answer all the query. To have clear and well-defined goals help to put data into correct use, so always provide relevant information if you expect better results and output.

Also, all data science professionals are not engineers, yes, engineers do have an edge over others because of their strength of solving technical and analytical problems with ease. They are proving to be a blessing to the digital industry for their acquired skills. The content that you produce is data, but also the way audience react is data. As a marketer, do keep in mind to provide all the relevant details and put all your query and professional requirements clearly to a data scientist. All this helps a professional to refine their efforts and work accordingly. Undoubtedly, the data scientist is well versed with the technological tool, but they too need to upgrade their skill set from time to time. And in order to do so, they opt for data science certifications.