Rome tourist attractions map

A Complete Guide to First time visitors to Rome

When you decide to visit Rome, then you need to understand that you are going to explore the history and cultural heritage of almost 3,000 years back. Therefore, it is quite obvious that your first time visit to such a city can be overwhelming. Therefore, an attempt has been made in this short write-up to share the experiences of visiting this city.

If you are visiting Vatican-city, for the first time then you must know where you must eat or drink and where you can get the best pizza, wine or coffee, while you are in Rome. As a first-time visitor to any new place like Rome, this information will be of importance to you.

Visit the website to get full guidance about Rome visit if you are visiting for the first time and also you must carry a proper Rome tourist attractions map so that you are not lost on the way in the crowd.

Firstly, decide what you intend to do at Rome

Not everyone enjoys visiting museum or church, which may be objective for many but may not be yours. Usually such places are too crowded for whole of the day and what is good reason to struggle among the crowd if you have no real interest on them. Therefore, if your interest is eating good Italian food and drink then why not focus on that and look for some better restaurant so that at Rome you can relax and have nice food and drink. Also mingle in the crowd and explore something new of your interest.

Rome tourist attractions map

Do what Romans do

When you are in Rome then follow what romans do. Italians do not take breakfast early but start their day with a coffee. In fact, they take coffee almost anytime – it can be before lunch or after lunch or during afternoon and you should also do the same while you are in Rome.

Tour the Vatican-city

If your intention of coming to visit Vatican-city then you must concentrate your holiday in this place only. There are many historical churches and museums to visit. There are plenty of things that you can learn about Christianity. If you are Roman catholic then its your place of pilgrimage and therefore visit here with that kind of mindset.

Find your way to colosseum

 This is one of the most important landmarks of the world as this colosseum was built sometime during 72 AD and 80 AD. It has a very long history and was built by many thousands of slaves. This is one of the most important tourist attractions and you must not miss to visit this place.

Visit Palatine Hill and Roman form

This is located just close by the Colosseum and is one of the fascinating ruins to visit. There are quite a few churches and temples to visit.

Want to eat Pizza?

You can explore number of sources of Pizza at Rome. Know the timings when you get best quality of Pizza in the restaurant.